The Real Dragon Chapter 3440

When Charlie wade and the Wade family had briefly paid homage to their ancestors, and together with his grandfather Lord wade and his youngest aunt Mabel, they arrived at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace to prepare a banquet for the friends and relatives who had climbed Mount Wade Ling today, the outside world, which had been following the movements of Mount Wade Ling, had already received the news.

      Learning that the Wade family had finally given in to the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace, none of those who did not know the inside story doubted the authenticity of the news.

      After all, it was the basic consensus of everyone that even if these wealthy families were powerful, they could not possibly defeat the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

      What’s more, the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had a deep hatred for the Wade family, so he would not be able to spare the Wade family members.

      Those branches of the Wade family who had fled overnight were incomparably thankful after receiving the news.

      They were thankful that they had reacted quickly and run even faster, thus escaping a calamity.

      However, apart from being thankful that they had escaped death, they were all worried about the future.

      These collateral families were all dependent on the Wade family for their survival, and the main source of income for many of the branches was the business rewarded to them by the Wade family.

      After all, every side family is a step-by-step division from the main family. It was as if Lord wade had become the head of the family and his younger brother, Jim wade, had to leave the Wade family and set up his own business.

      On the contrary, he had to give him as many resources as possible, so that he would not have the desire to compete for the head of the family, and to maintain the family ties, and to help these distant relatives in case of need.

      The reasoning behind this is similar to that of the ancient times when the crown prince ascended to the throne and arranged his other brothers to be va*sal kings in various places.

      For these side families, once they lost the Wade family, their own future development would also be greatly affected.

      However, before they could take a breath, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall released a message to the public: “All Wade family members whose names appear on the list of the Wade family’s ancestral ritual will be asked to kneel at the foot of Wade Ling Mountain by 8am tomorrow morning.

      Once this news came out, these great families of the country were even more shocked.

      Everyone did not expect that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was not satisfied with conquering the Wade Family, but even these side branches of the Wade Family were not spared.

      And these side branches of the Wade family were desperate to the core.

      The feeling of survival after the calamity did not last long before it was immediately replaced by the despair of a monk who could not run away from the temple.

      The grand list of the Wade family’s ancestral rituals had long ago recorded each of their names and identity information in great detail.

      For example, who the person’s surname was, how old he was, what generation he was, where his family was, who his father was, who his grandfather was, and then which branch of the Wade family his ancestors were from, all these were written clearly with a brush dipped in vermilion.

      Because this big list, after the ancestral ritual, as long as it was burnt for the ancestors to see, no one dared to have any muddle on it.

      Now, this list has fallen into the hands of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, so this is the same as everyone’s background being firmly grasped by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, so even if they run away, there is no way they can escape.

      The strength of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons was clear to these people, and if they really wanted to a*sa*sinate them, it would be as easy as a handful, so no one dared to disobey the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons’ orders.

      So, the group could only rush back with a stiff upper lip and anxiety.

      Jim wade’s children and grandchildren were on a private plane back to Canada when they received the news via the satellite network.

      Ten minutes after receiving the news, the plane drew a circle directly at a height of 10,000 metres and turned around to return to Eastcliff.


      Meanwhile, Charlie wade had already filled his gla*s and was in the ballroom of Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, thanking all his friends and relatives present one by one.

      The first person to whom Charlie wade toasted was Lord Orrin, his father’s best friend, who looked at him as if he were a god.

      The first person Charlie wade saluted was Lord Orrin.

      In his eyes, Lord Orrin was the eldest person who deserved his respect and had treated him the best.

      Therefore, Charlie wade was grateful from the bottom of his heart that his family could go up to Wade Ling Mountain today.

      After a few gla*ses of wine, he said to Charlie wade, “Charlie, now that you have taken the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall under your wing, the Wade family’s strength is already number one among all the families in China! If we look around the world, we can at least be among the top ten!”

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