The Real Dragon Chapter 3443

Lord Orrin nodded and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, Charlie is a filial child, no matter how many women like him, in this world, there is only one person, Stephanie, who is the daughter-in-law handpicked by big brother Wade and sister-in-law Wade during their lifetime.”

      Although Charlie now has a wife on a legal level, that is also because he has not been in the Wade family for twenty years, now that Charlie’s life trajectory has started to move closer to the Wade family, in terms of personal relationships, he will definitely return to the track arranged for him by big brother and sister-in-law Wade. “

      Angie was slightly relieved and nodded, “I hope things will be as you say, otherwise I really can’t bear the thought of waiting for more than twenty years of bitterness for my Stephanie to end up with no results.”


      Meanwhile, Zara was sitting at a table with her mother Deana, her sister Xion and He Yingxiu and other members of the He family, and the atmosphere was more or less awkward.

      After all, He Yingxiu was the interloper in Deana’s marriage and had secretly given birth to a daughter to Zayne, so now that she was facing Deana again, He Yingxiu felt guilty inside.

      She had always wanted to find a chance to apologise to Deana, but always swallowed her words.

      The moral guilt was so great that she didn’t know how to say anything.

      On the other hand, the two sisters, Zara and Xion, were chatting and laughing.

      Not only did the two sisters share half of the same bloodline, their recent experiences also overlapped very much.

      Zara looked at Charlie wade, who was chatting with the Moore and Ito families, and could not help but sigh, “Xion, your benefactor is so strong, I believe it won’t be long before you don’t have to hide your identity anymore.”

      Xion spat out her tongue and laughed, “It doesn’t matter to me, I’ll hide if Lord Wade lets me, I won’t hide if he doesn’t let me, I don’t have any other plans anyway, just following him in the saddle.”

      As she said that, Xion dragged her chin and lamented, “But my strength is really too poor, those nearly one hundred people in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall are mostly stronger than me, I’m afraid that in the future, there is nothing that Duke Wade really needs me for.”

      Zara shook her head and said seriously, “Don’t worry, I don’t think that Your Eminence will treat the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall as his real own people, more like they are just used as black gloves, specialising in less than honorable matters, but you are different from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in Your Eminence’s eyes, Your Eminence will definitely have better arrangements for you.”

      Xion asked in surprise, “Sister, is what you say true?”

      Zara nodded seriously and said, “I presume so, it should be eight or nine!”

      Xion immediately smiled happily and said, “That’s great! I’m not looking for anything else, it’s good to be a maid by Mr. Wade’s side all the time.”

      Deana, who had not spoken much because of the awkward atmosphere, also spoke up at this time, “Xion, have more confidence in yourself, Mr. Wade should have high expectations for you, and will definitely not just treat you as a personal maid.

      Xion pursed her lips, although she did not dare to believe it in her heart, she still could not help but look forward to the future.

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