The Real Dragon Chapter 3445

Saying that, Charlie wade also said to Zara, “In these twenty days, Miss Banks can arrange for an investment team to fly to Madagascar first to identify a piece of land for him and set up some other hardware, so that when he arrives, he can be his landlord in Madagascar in a down-to-earth manner.”

        Zara nodded hastily and said, “Yes, my benefactor, I understand!”

        Charlie wade continued, “As for Zayne, I would like to ask Old Mr. He to bring him back to Aurous Hill to monitor his residence, so that nothing goes wrong.”

        Lord He immediately arched his hand and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I’ll make sure it’s done!”

        After briefly thanking all his friends and relatives, Charlie wade asked Stephen Thompson to prepare the car before he came to the lonely Helena alone and said, “Helena, are you ready? We’ll leave when we’re ready.”

        Helena nodded obediently, stood up and said softly, “Back to Mr. Wade, I am ready.”

        Charlie wade nodded slightly, beckoned and said, “Let’s go then, the car and plane are waiting.”

        Lord wade stepped forward and asked with concern, “Charlie, are you just going by yourself? Don’t you want to bring some people with you?”

        Charlie wade shook his head and said, “No, I’ll be fine on my own.”

        Seeing Charlie wade’s firm attitude, Lord wade nodded and said, “Then you must be careful, we will wait for you in Eastcliff.”

        Charlie wade instructed, “When the relatives of the Wade family come tomorrow, just let Wan Bajun come out, the Wade family members don’t need to show up, especially you.”

        Lord wade was busy saying, “Don’t worry, I know.”

        Charlie wade said goodbye to everyone, and then he joined Helena and got into the Rolls-Royce car prepared by Stephen Thompson.

        Half an hour later, the Rolls-Royce drove straight into the airport and headed straight for the hangar where the Concorde was parked.

        Helena did not know until now what kind of method Charlie wade was going to use to help her reclaim the throne. She could not help but ask several times, but seeing that Charlie wade kept his eyes closed, she could only hold back her impulse.

        As the Rolls-Royce was about to drive into the hangar, Charlie wade slowly opened his eyes, looked at Helena beside him and opened his mouth to ask, “Helena, do you usually play short video software?”

        “Play ……” Helena didn’t know why Charlie wade asked that, but she still said respectfully, “That short video software that exploded in China is also very, very famous overseas, men and women like it a lot, and I’m no exception.”

        “Good.” Charlie wade nodded, handed her a mobile phone and said, “Login to your short video software account, take a video, and say that you are very happy now because you are ready to take the Concorde and rush back to Northern Europe to attend your sister Olivia’s wedding!”

        “Huh?!” Helena was startled and said nervously, “Wade …… Mr. Wade …… If I send the video now, then …… wouldn’t that be throwing myself into the net?”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly, “What you want is to throw yourself into the net, don’t worry, as long as you release this video, Olivia will definitely not dare to make a move against you before her big wedding tomorrow, because if you don’t show up at her wedding tomorrow, then everyone will ask her after your whereabouts.”

        Speaking of this, Charlie wade continued, “There is a famous saying from Eutyptides in ancient Greece that says: if the gods want to bring about their destruction, they must first make them mad, if you want Olivia to lose a bit more, you must first make her feel like she is winning!”

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