The Real Dragon Chapter 3447

Richard said heartily, “Thank goodness I reacted quickly! I terminated the message just as you finished killing it!”

      Olivia let out a long breath, rubbing her chest as she cursed through gritted teeth, “Helena the b*tch! She’s ruined my sanity!”

      Richard didn’t say anything but finished watching Helena’s video with his wife before speaking up, “What the hell is Helena trying to do back here at this time? Is it to get her mother out?”

      Olivia’s mother, Wendy, said, “Helena is not a fool, she must know that with her ability, there is no way she can find her mother’s whereabouts. So, as I see it, she is likely to come back this time to show us some goodwill and take the opportunity to ease the relationship.”

      Olivia said coldly, “I don’t care what her purpose is, but she has gone back to Northern Europe without my permission, which is clearly disobedient to my orders!”

      Olivia added, “I asked her yesterday to go to St. Petersburg, Russia, but she didn’t listen to me, she even dared to come back to Northern Europe.

      ”And she had the audacity to say in a short video that she was going to be my bridesmaid! I won’t let her be my bridesmaid! She’s not going to be allowed to jump out and steal the limelight at my wedding!”

      Richard frowned and said, “I heard that the Wade family has surrendered to the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, but although they surrendered, the Wade family should still have half of their a*sets left, counting at least at least one to two hundred billion euros in a*set size, and this strength should not be underestimated.”

      ”Moreover, the Concorde that Helena is flying on is also an a*set of the Wade family, thus it can be seen that although the Wade family has suffered heavy losses, they have not completely fallen, and she is still valuable to us.”

      Speaking here, he persuaded Olivia, “So, I think you don’t need to be too angry first, or see what Helena really wants to do first. If she really wants to come and repair her relationship with you, and at the same time leave Northern Europe on her own after your big wedding, then let her go back and cooperate with us properly and attract the Wade family’s funds to Northern Europe, why do you need to be at loggerheads with her? “

      Olivia said with a disgusted expression, “Because I don’t like to be on equal footing with Helena!”

      Saying this, she continued through gritted teeth, “For so many years, I have been overpowered by her in whatever I do, and in terms of inheritance laws, she ranks ahead of me! In terms of looks, she’s prettier than me too! In terms of achievements, she was always better than me! Even in terms of popularity, she was far more beloved by the people than I was!”

      ”Later, I managed to get the first succession, but she still has the highest popular support!”

      Speaking of this, Olivia roared low in anger, “What I couldn’t stand the most was! After I was crowned first heir, nearly a million Nordic citizens with nothing better to do went to the US White House website and petitioned the White House to intervene in the Nordic royal family and reinstate Helena as first heir! This has been number one in the news in Europe and America and is a lifelong shame for me!!!”

      ”So what I want is for her to bow down to me permanently! Any time she sees me, she will bow down and respectfully call me Olivia, Your Highness!”

      Her mother, Wendy, hurriedly spoke up, “Olivia, don’t be so angry yet, now that Helena has sent out a video and publicly announced her return, we will have to accept her for the time being and let her attend your wedding in order to keep the public from picking on her.”

      At the same time, she will have to be your bridesmaid, because that’s the only way to ensure that there are no questions from the public, and as soon as the wedding is over, she will be forced to leave Scandinavia on her own and never be allowed to stay in the household again.”

      Olivia said with a twisted expression, “She’s deliberately using the public to get at me! I’m just going to let her come and go as she pleases! If she gets away with it this time, it won’t be long before she gets away with it again! If she does it again on the day of my enthronement, what will I do? This is outrageous!”

      Wendy said, “Olivia, don’t worry about that, Helena has already sent the video and got on the plane, so we’ll let her come back this time, but when she does, we’ll keep her under control and tell her that if she dares to return to Northern Europe without permission next time, then we’ll kill her mother immediately and let her decide for herself! “

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