The Real Dragon Chapter 3465

When he finished, he looked at Charlie wade and was wondering what words he should use to fool him, Charlie wade took the initiative to raise his hand and said, “I also like Texas Hold’em, so I’ll be counted in.”

        William was so excited he almost didn’t cheer.

        “I was trying to find the entry point to invite Charlie wade into the pit as naturally as possible, but I didn’t expect Charlie wade to jump in himself.”


        He then said in a polite manner, “I really didn’t expect you to like playing Texas Hold’em too, Mr Wade, in that case, let’s all play a couple of games and have some fun together.”

        Charlie wade said with a similarly friendly face, “Haha, Mr. William is right! Let’s have some fun! I don’t have any other hobbies, I just like to play poker, even though my poker skills stink, but I just like to play! Basically, I lose two or three billion dollars every year on poker alone.”

        William said with a smile on his face, “We’re all the same! I’m a terrible poker player too, but I love to play! Every year, I lose a lot of money as tuition.”

        Charlie wade said without any concern, “We are all young people, of course we should have fun! What’s a little money lost?”

        Olivia, smiling, said, “Since we all want to play, I’ll play a few games with you too!”

        Olivia added, “Let’s move to the first floor, there’s a leisure centre and there just happens to be a card table.”

        Naturally, the crowd agreed with great joy.

        Olivia’s father Richard sighed with relief and thought to himself, “It seems that Olivia and I, my future son-in-law, are taking the initiative to mingle with Charlie wade, these two children are really young talents with extraordinary eyesight as they were able to put aside their previous misgivings so quickly.”

        Thinking of this, Richard also put his mind at ease and then smiled, “You youngsters who love to play cards, go up and play together, I’ll have a few more drinks and a chat with Mr Rothschild, so I won’t follow you youngsters over.”

        William’s father, George Rothschild, was thinking the same thing as Richard at this point, and felt that his two boys had come to grips with reality, and was equally pleased with the maturity of his children, so without giving it much thought, he said with a smile, “Yes! You youngsters go and have fun, while we two old men have a few more drinks.”

        With that, the group stood up and prepared to head to the first floor.

        Charlie wade then said to Helena beside him, “Helena, you come with me.”

        Helena nodded gently and went up to the first floor with Charlie wade.

        The Royal Family had a leisure centre of nearly a thousand square metres on the first floor of the ancient castle, where there were not only facilities such as a gym, a pool hall as well as an audio-visual hall and a KTV, but also exclusive areas such as a Finnish bath, a spa, and even a special room for playing Texas Hold’em.

        Texas Hold’em is very prevalent in Europe and America, and after the efforts of the major casinos in Las Vegas, this style of play has almost become the most popular poker game in the entire Western world, and has even begun to take the world by storm.

        Although Charlie wade seldom played poker, he knew how Texas Hold’em was played. He guessed that William and Olivia wanted to play a pig-killing board for themselves today, so he planned to take the ploy and just slaughter them both as fat pigs.

        The man who had organized the poker game before said, “Let’s do it this way, everyone is financially strong, so it must be fair and enjoyable to play, so today you all play and I will be the dealer, and those of you who win, just give me a small cut at the end of the day.”

        It is very common in the West to give bonuses to the players, and it is not necessary for everyone to do so, only for those who win to give a few percentage points of their winnings, so everyone was fine with it.

        The man then brought in a brand new deck of cards and said with a smile, “Come on, let’s check if there are any problems with the deck, if there are no problems I’ll start dealing the cards!”

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