The Real Dragon Chapter 3467

Charlie wade didn’t pay any attention to what cards he was actually dealt, as soon as it came to him, he immediately dropped a one million euro chip, and after a few rounds, he threw in four million euro chips, but it actually represented a 70 million euro amount of money.

        The others, unable to adapt to such large bets, folded and watched.

        Soon, only Charlie wade and William were left at the table.

        Immediately afterwards, the dealer said, “Please show your cards!”

        Charlie wade casually flipped over his bottom card, and his hand only consisted of a pair and three miscellaneous cards, which was a very small hand in Texas Hold’em.

        William, on the other hand, had a bomb hand on the first hand, with four jacks and a miscellaneous card, which was much bigger than Charlie wade’s hand.

        The dealer immediately announced, “This hand, William wins.”

        William was a little excited and gathered all the chips in front of him and said with a smile, “Mr. Wade, sorry about that!”

        Charlie wade said unconcernedly, “Aiya, it’s only a few tens of millions, why be so polite? Besides, we have a saying at the Chinese poker table: the first to win is the paper, the second is the money, and the winner is not known until the last moment.”

        William couldn’t help but give Charlie wade a thumbs up and praised him, “Mr. Wade is really a man of extraordinary grace! Then let’s continue?”

        Charlie wade nodded his head and smiled, “Come on!”

        William gave a quiet wink to the lottery official.

        Just now, Charlie wade’s hand was too small, so this time, he wanted to make Charlie wade’s hand bigger, so that he could also make Charlie wade bet more.

        Sure enough.

        This hand, the dealer made a bomb hand for Charlie wade, and then made a flush hand for William.

        Charlie wade also fell for it, and seeing that the cards were big, he threw in 20 million chips in a row, which, as agreed, was the same as betting 200 million euros.

        Only he and William were left in the hand, and when it came time to open, William threw out a straight flush, and several other people in the room looked stunned, one after the other, sighing at William’s sheer luck.

        The dealer once again announced, “This hand, it’s William’s turn to win.”

        William sighed as he collected his chips, “Mr. Wade’s hand is really big, but my hand is still bigger, so please forgive me!”

        Charlie wade waved his hand unconcernedly, “Take it, take it all, it’s just a little hairy, to me it’s just a sprinkle, it’s not even a hair.”

        Olivia looked at Charlie wade’s carefree face and sighed in her heart, “What a money-burning dude! The way I see it, I’m sure I can win him a Concorde tonight! After I’m crowned, I’ll be able to visit the world in a Concorde, the only one of its kind in the world!”

        William was equally excited, and seeing that he had won over 240 million euros from Charlie wade in two hands, he spoke up, “That, Mr. Wade, according to our previous rules, you have now lost more than 100 million euros and will have to spend money to buy back this batch of chips.”

        Charlie wade frowned: “You’re buying back at this point? Didn’t you say that you would only buy them after you lost all the chips? I still have more here.”

        William said awkwardly: “But we just said that we would settle once after losing 100 million euros, you have more than 200 million, the actual amount is calculated by ten times the face value of the chips, this is what you just offered ……”

        Charlie wade said disdainfully, “I have to lose 200 million in one hand, according to you, do I have to pay you twice in one hand? Don’t you get tired of it?”

        William said, “Mr. Wade, otherwise we can settle the bill one game at a time ……”

        Charlie wade said disgustedly, “I thought you were a quick-witted person when I saw you look like a man, but why are you so stubborn like a woman when you play cards? How can I have fun when I have to settle the bill one game at a time? Since the 100 million chips represent one billion euros, just wait until I’ve lost all these chips and give you one billion euros a hand.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade saw that he wanted to speak again and immediately said with a disdainful face, “You don’t have to bullshi*t with me either, or I will give you the money now and not f*cking play with you anymore!”

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