The Real Dragon Chapter 3495

George dared not say more at once, but was completely broken inside, wiping tears from his eyes as he whimpered alone.

        Richard asked in a panic, “Wade …… Mr. Wade …… can you let us stay in Northern Europe for the sake of us being royalty at least ……”

        “Impossible.” Charlie wade said blandly, “In two days Helena will inherit the throne, until then, you will be stripped of your royal status then exiled overseas, in this life and in the next, you will not be allowed to return to Northern Europe!”

        When Olivia heard that Helena was going to inherit the throne, she was angry and hated, so she hurriedly said to the Queen, “Grandma, we can’t give the throne to Helena under any circumstances! She has a serious heart condition! I’m afraid she won’t live long enough to die! And if she has no children, the throne will probably be inherited by one of the nephews in the next line!”

        The Queen said in a cold voice: “Mr. Wade can even save me, let alone Helena. With Mr. Wade, Helena will live a long life! In the future, her children and grandchildren will inherit the throne!”

        After saying that, the Queen coldly snorted, “Olivia, you should care about yourself! Mr. Wade has just said that you will be stripped of your royal status and exiled overseas! As for where you will be exiled to, it’s up to Mr. Wade to decide!”

        Olivia looked at Charlie wade and pleaded, “Mr. Wade …… I don’t want anything else, I just want to stay in Northern Europe …… please be merciful ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Originally, I did intend to let you stay in Northern Europe, sentenced you to a life sentence without parole, so that you can spend the rest of your life in prison, I heard that you have high welfare in Northern Europe, living in prison is similar to living in a hotel, I think you will not be too painful ……”

        At this point, Charlie wade turned his words and said in a cold voice: “But you are really a bit self-conscious, to even try to kill me, so now the arrangement for you will also have to be properly adjusted.”

        Olivia choked, “Mr. Wade …… in Northern Europe, life imprisonment is already the most severe sentence …… before there was a sociopathic gunman who killed dozens of people by himself, but he was only sentenced to life imprisonment …… Could it be that sentencing me to life imprisonment is not enough to satisfy Mr. Wade?”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly: “Compared to life imprisonment, I prefer to let you leave Northern Europe.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added, “By the way, there is a term called reform through labour, I wonder if you have heard of it?”

        Olivia shook her head in fear.

        She had not heard of the words labour reformation, but she vaguely felt very bad.

        Charlie wade laughed at this time, “Your Nordic welfare is too high, a bit illogical, why should a criminal not only be able to eat, drink and live well in prison, but also not have to create any value, isn’t that just a waste of taxpayers’ money? Therefore, it is the most reasonable and fair way to let guilty people like you to create value with your labour, and then use the value you create to satisfy your food, drink and shelter.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade thought for a moment and added: “Right, the old family head of the Chinese Banks family will soon go to Madagascar to be the landlord, when the time comes, I will ask him to buy several hundred acres of sugar cane land and several hundred acres of cotton land, so you and your parents, and these people who work for you, will go together to Madagascar to cut sugar cane and pick cotton!”

        “Cut sugar cane?!” Olivia was so dizzy at the sound of that that she almost fainted on the spot.

        And her father Richard was about to collapse, crying, “Mr. Wade …… cutting sugar cane and picking cotton, that’s the kind of work black slaves did back then …… you can’t torture us like that ……”

        “Bullsh*t!” Charlie wade questioned in a cold voice: “Your God also says that all beings are equal, are black slaves not human? Wasn’t the inhumane black slave trade back then also the work of your old ancestors, the Vikings? Think of it as paying your ancestors’ debts!”

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