The Real Dragon Chapter 3503

Abroad, too, the Queen basically makes state visits to a country on a diplomatic level.

        Even if she simply wanted to go to China to see and visit Charlie wade, it would never be possible, because as the Queen, as soon as she decided to leave the country, the Nordic government would definitely inform the destination country, and the corresponding bodyguards, a*sistants and butlers would definitely accompany her.

        At that time, if Charlie wade did not come to see her, she might not have the chance to see Charlie wade in her life.

        Therefore, the journey to the airport for Charlie wade could possibly be the last time she spent with him.

        Seeing that Helena had said so, Charlie wade naturally couldn’t refuse, so he smiled and said, “That’s too much to say, if you’re willing, it would be hard for you to accompany me on the trip.”

        Helena was instantly relieved and said with the excitement of a young girl, “Thank you, Mr Wade!”

        The empress took Helena’s performance in her eyes and already understood Helena’s mind in her heart, secretly thinking, “Helena should have her heart set on this Charlie wade …… and even if she just wants to go and see her off, she has to stoop so low as to ask …… Looking at her like this, she should like Charlie wade very much ……”

        Thinking of this, deep inside the Queen could not help but feel a little sorry.

        This was because she knew very well in her heart that Helena’s feelings for Charlie wade were not destined to lead to any results.

        In fact, out of her desire for the Spring Return Pill, she hoped very much that Helena could get together with Charlie wade.

        In this way, Charlie wade would be her own granddaughter’s son-in-law, and with this relationship, the chances of obtaining the Spring Return Pill would naturally be greater.

        However, she was also very clear about the future trajectory of Helena’s life.

        When she inherited the throne in the future, her future fate would already be predetermined.

        Because according to the Nordic tradition, and the wishes of the people, her future other half could only be a member of the royal family of another European country, or a member of a top European family.

        Moreover, the other person must be of white blood, and never of any other ethnicity.

        This is not racist, but mainly because every country has its own nationalism and wants to preserve the pure blood of its own country.

        After all, after she inherits the throne, her child will be the future Nordic Crown Prince, and if her child is of mixed Eurasian origin, it would be tantamount to losing half of the royal bloodline at once.

        So, the people could not accept it in any way.

        Just as Japan, which also has an emperor, could not allow the emperor to marry a European woman and then have a child of mixed Japanese and European blood as the emperor’s son.

        Therefore, the empress knew very well in her heart that it was no longer possible for Helena to have a future relationship with Charlie wade.

        In fact, in her heart, Helena knew all about these circumstances.

        Although her contact time with Charlie wade was very warm, the impact that Charlie wade had brought to her was too great.

        Charlie wade had not simply saved her and her mother’s lives, but more importantly, he had shown Helena just how powerful a man could be.

        So, she was like a young girl in a martial arts novel who saw a great warrior for the first time, and in just a few moments, her heart was captured by the unrivalled aura of the other man’s body.

        If she could, she would even be willing to give up her position as Queen for the sake of Charlie wade.

        After all, her mother was now safe, and she could completely stop being the Queen herself, or even completely leave the royal family and move to live in China.

        However, she also knows that Charlie wade has a family in Aurous Hill, and also has many confidantes. In Charlie wade’s heart, she is afraid that she is just an insignificant visitor, even if she is willing to give up the throne for him, he may not be willing to keep her around ……

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