The Real Dragon Chapter 3523

In their view, Charlie wade was already as odious as the traitors back then.

        At this time, Wan Bajun came to the crowd and said in a loud voice: “Listen carefully, all of you, all matters here will be left to Charlie wade’s discretion, you must listen to his orders and not be disobedient! If not, I will definitely not spare him!”

        Once Wan Bajun said this, the Wade family’s group of people almost collapsed on the spot.

        Originally, they had thought that Charlie wade had merely surrendered to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and become its lackey, but to their surprise, Wan Bajun had taken him so seriously.

        As they were dumbfounded, Charlie wade walked up to Wan Bajun and said, “You sons of the Wade family, at this critical moment, have disregarded the safety of the family and the ancestors buried in the ancestral tomb. Climb up Wade Ling Mountain! Go and repent personally to the ancestors buried on the mountain!”

        As soon as Charlie wade’s words were spoken, the seven hundred or so members of the Wade family’s side lineage wailed!

        They had taken out almost all of their cash and signed an installment agreement that could be called a contract of sale, so it could be said that they had already lost most of their fortune.

        But even so, they hadn’t been able to get past this hurdle, and now Charlie wade was even asking them to go up to Wade Lingshan in three steps, wasn’t he trying to torture them to death?

        Although the Wade Ling Mountain had been thoroughly developed by the Wade family and there was a level concrete road from the foot of the mountain to the mausoleum on the mountain, it was still a distance of three to five kilometres to go up the mountain.

        If you take three steps, you will have to kowtow one head in less than three metres, so you will have to kowtow at least a thousand heads to get up there.

        The three-step process is already tedious, and if one moves nimbly, one can only complete it two or three times in a minute, so it would take at least five or six hours to get up there.

        If Wan Bajun had made this request, they wouldn’t have dared to say a word and would have started kowtowing all the way up without saying a word.

        However, when these words came out of Charlie wade’s mouth, the members of the Wade family’s side line were all furious.

        Someone directly cursed angrily, “Charlie wade! Don’t you f*cking bully people too much! You don’t even take a P*ss to see what you are! You are no different from a traitor in front of Hall Master Wan!”

        There were others who had bad intentions and deliberately wanted to cause conflict between Charlie wade and Wan Bajun, so they accused, “Charlie wade! Your father, Bruce wade, was responsible for the death of Hall Master Wan’s parents back then! Even if Hall Master Wan raised a hundred thousand dogs, it would not be your turn to bark here!”

        Someone even shamelessly blurted out, “That’s right! Master Wan! You can’t listen to this despicable man’s slanderous words! The Wade family is your father’s enemy! How dare he ask us to kneel down and worship the ancestors of the Wade family in front of you!”

        As Wan Bajun listened to these people’s words, he was shocked and wondered, “I had a vague feeling that Mr. Wade was a bit too cruel to these people, but now I realize that these people deserve what they get! If I were in their place, I would have killed them when I saw their faces like this!”

        Thinking of this, Wan Bajun became furious and immediately shouted coldly, “How dare you! I have just said that I will leave everything here to Mr. Wade’s discretion! How dare you defy orders?”

        The Wade family members trembled in fear.

        Wan Bajun turned to some of his generals and ordered, “Take out those who insulted Mr. Wade, and slap them a hundred times! No! Five hundred slaps!”

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