The Real Dragon Chapter 3525

        “Did he just call himself a subordinate?! What does that mean?! Did the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall submit to Charlie wade?!”

        The people of the Wade family below exploded in a flash.

        None of them had expected that things would go in this direction now.

        This was simply a direction of development that they had least expected.

        It was like dropping a brick from a hundred-metre high building. You had thought that it might hit a person, a car, a small animal or a flower or plant, but you dared to think that instead of falling, the brick would fly upwards and out of the atmosphere upside down, overturning gravity?

        This was how the members of the Wade family felt at this moment.

        Shock had long been inadequate to describe their state of mind, and they had begun to feel that the world was absurd, so absurd that it was already full of magic.

        Everyone had fled in haste because they were afraid of Wan Bajun, who the hell would have thought that Wan Bajun would become Charlie wade’s henchman?

        At this time, Charlie wade waved his hand at Wan Bajun without a care, and said indifferently, “It’s alright, there’s always a showdown, it’s just a matter of sooner or later.”

        After saying this, Charlie wade looked at the seven hundred or so members of the Wade family’s side lineage and questioned in a cold voice, “Do you all think that the Wade family is bound to fail before the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?”

        No one dared to respond from the seven hundred or so people below.

        Charlie wade asked again, “Do you all feel that the Wade Family is doomed this time, and that’s why you can’t wait to clear yourselves of the Wade Family?”

        More than seven hundred people looked panicked, and no one dared to speak up.

        Charlie wade asked again, “Do you think that even if the Wade Family is completely finished this time, it will not affect your future?”

        Among the seven hundred people, many of them had already started to wipe the cold sweat from their foreheads in a panic.

        Charlie wade sneered at this time, his expression carrying complete contempt as he sternly said, “You short-sighted, rat-eyed verticals, have you ever thought that I, Charlie wade, can not only save the Wade Family from distress, but can even take the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall under my command?!”

        The crowd trembled with fear at this rebuke from Charlie wade.

        It was then that they realised what they had missed.

        If they had not run away and held on to Wade Ling Mountain with the Wade family, then every one of them would have been a meritorious servant.

        But none of them looked after the Wade family, and none of them had any regard for their fellow clansmen and the Wade family’s kindness, so they all ran away one by one with their heads in their hands.

        Now, it was time for Charlie wade to settle scores after the autumn!

        When Charlie wade saw that all these people were terrified, but did not dare to say a word, he said with a face full of contempt: “Now, I am the head of the Wade family, and you, my fellow clansmen, have made me realise what it means to have people’s hearts in their bellies! When the Wade Family helped you and supported you in the beginning, they were completely feeding the tiger for the trouble!”

        When the crowd heard that Charlie wade was already the head of the Wade family, they were all even more shocked and speechless.

        In their hearts, many of them had already started to berate themselves for being a complete and utter fool.

        They thought that they had avoided a monstrous catastrophe, but they had never thought that what they had avoided was a great fortune!

        At this moment, Charlie wade continued: “As the saying goes, a vertical son is not enough to plan with! I should have used other people’s hands to kill you all! But I was so naive as to think about my clan and wanted to save your lives and your family’s chance of survival.

        At this moment, Wan Bajun immediately clasped his fist and said, “Mr. Wade! If you say one word, I, Wan Bajun, guarantee with my life that none of these 700 people will walk out of Wade Ling Mountain alive! And for this crime, Wan Long Hall is willing to take all the blame for you!”

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