The Real Dragon Chapter 3527

Charlie wade did not take the old man’s flattery seriously, but said with a bland expression, “The Nordic royal family will be the bridgehead for the Wade family to enter Europe in the future, so the relevant cooperation must be promoted quickly and implemented urgently, there must not be any mistakes. We need to choose a suitable person to go there.”

        Master Wade nodded his head: “Naturally! Charlie, do you think you should go there personally or should I go on your behalf?”

        Charlie wade thought for a moment and spoke, “Helena is a young girl after all, I’m afraid there will be a bit of a generation gap in communication with you.”

        Christine, who was kneeling in the crowd, hastily volunteered, “Charlie! Why don’t you let me go? I’m familiar with Helena, and you’ve asked me to kneel here for three days, but I’ll be done in two days!”

        Charlie wade looked at the fawning Christine and frowned slightly.

        He naturally knew Christine’s intentions, which were nothing more than grasping for time to please himself, in addition to also grasping for time to have a place in the Wade family where he was the master.

        However, he really couldn’t have any good feelings towards Christine.

        Although she had behaved quite well this time, Charlie wade did not intend to give her a chance so early.

        Just at this moment, he saw his youngest aunt Mabel beside Elder Ye, so he spoke up, “Youngest aunt, why don’t we work hard for you to lead a trip, you and Helena should know each other as well. “

        “Me?” Mabel said with some uncertainty, “Charlie, I have spent most of my time for so many years raising my husband and children, rarely involved in business activities, for such a big event, I’m afraid I will drag my feet ……”

        The actual details of the cooperation will be completed by our professional manager team when the time comes, and the royal side will certainly have their professional manager team to interface with our side, although Helena is the Nordic Queen, but the real business it may just shoot the board, the details are not involved, so when the time comes , you will be responsible for exchanging feelings with Helena, and the rest will just be left to the professional manager team of both sides to complete.”

        Only when Mabel heard this did she finally put her mind at ease and nodded, “OK! Then I’ll take the team of managers for a trip.”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “Then it will be hard on little aunt.”

        Christine had a lost look on her face at this moment, originally thinking that she was the most suitable candidate, after all, she had not been idle even though she had been married for many years, and had almost always participated in various business activities, and had not been involved in the affairs of the Wade family, so she could be considered experienced, but she did not expect that Charlie wade would give this opportunity to her sister, who had little business experience.

        The expression of Feb wade, who was kneeling next to Christine, was even more ugly.

        In his heart at the moment, he was simply depressed to death: “D*mn it! Helena was originally my fiancee! Now she’s about to become the Nordic Queen! If I was still married to her, wouldn’t I be the Duke of the Nordic Kingdom now? D*mn it …… if I had known that Charlie wade was so capable, I would have grabbed my f*cking head and licked him on my knees, how could I have sneered at him right off the bat …… really blinded my dog’s eyes!”

        Feb wade’s father Corran is even more depressed to the extreme, his heart secretly thinking: “originally almost married the Nordic empress as daughter-in-law, the result is now the daughter-in-law ran away not to mention, I have to f*cking mourning here for three years, this is not the day of the dog this is not!”

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