The Real Dragon Chapter 3530

No one expected that Charlie wade would change the Ancestral Ritual, which was held once every 12 years, directly to once a year.

        One must know that although the ancestor worship ceremony is of great significance, it is also a laborious and costly event in itself.

        So, an older member of the side branch in the crowd said, “Charlie wade ……’s ancestral ceremony is once every twelve years, it is a rule set by the old ancestors, you want to change it to once a year, it is too frequent, right? I personally think that it may not be a good thing for us to disturb the ancestors’ peace so frequently! In case the old ancestor is displeased, then this is a great disrespect to the ancestor!”

        Charlie wade looked at him and said in a cold voice, “It’s because it used to be once every twelve years, so all of you surnamed Wade have long forgotten the old ancestors to the ninth heaven! When people said they were coming to dig up your old ancestors’ graves, you all fled Eastcliff in the night! Is that how you respect your ancestors?”

        The old man was suddenly red in the face and hurriedly shut his mouth.

        Seeing that he was silent, Charlie wade questioned, “Why aren’t you speaking? Weren’t you quite capable of speaking just now?”

        After saying that, Charlie wade pointed towards the ancestral tomb of the Wade family behind him and asked him in a cold voice, “Come, in front of the old ancestor, explain properly to the old ancestor, how exactly did you respect the old ancestor?”

        The old man was ashamed and said, “I …… I was wrong ……”

        Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “Don’t tell me! Come out and tell the old ancestor yourself!”

        The old man could only walk out from the crowd and face the more than a hundred graves of the ancestors of the Wade family and said in shame, “In the presence of the ancestors of the Wade family, the unworthy grandson Nelson was wrong! I hope the ancestors will forgive me!”

        Charlie wade snorted coldly and ignored the old man, continuing to address the seven hundred or so Wade Family side branches in front of him and said in a stern voice, “You should not think that you are Wade Family side branches and that I, the head of the main family, am bullying you by making demands of you!”

        After saying this, he pointed at Corran and Myles, as well as Feb wade and Jackson, who were kneeling on one side, and said in a cold voice, “Open your eyes and take a good look at these kneeling around you! All of them are members of the Wade family! Here are my own eldest uncle, my own uncle, my own aunt, and my cousins, who have made mistakes and still have to kneel here for three days and nights for me!”

        With those words, Corran and the other members of the Wade family’s original family, all bowed their heads in shame, while the seven hundred or so members of the side branches, all of them were dumbfounded!

        Only then did they realise that Charlie wade’s iron blood was not just directed at them, the outsiders.

        He had dealt more ruthlessly with his own family than he had with them!

        Charlie wade continued to speak shockingly at this point, “And I might as well tell you that most of them, from now on, will have to stay at Wade Ling Mountain for the next three years to observe mourning for their old ancestor!”

        “For the next three years, even if a sword falls from the sky, they are not allowed to leave even half a step!”

        “Even if anyone gets seriously ill and has to stay in the ICU, I will build the ICU for him to come to Wade Lingshan!”

        When this group of Wade family side members heard this, the whole group had already started to be a bit terrified, just now they thought that Charlie wade making their family members kneel here for three days and nights was already cruel, but they didn’t expect that there was something even more ruthless!

        At this moment, Charlie wade looked at them with cold eyes and continued, “So listen carefully, from now on, if any of you dare to betray the Wade Family or cause the Wade Family to suffer losses, then one of you will be counted as one, and you will definitely end up worse than them!”

        Seeing this, no one dared to raise any objections to the ancestral ritual.

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