The Real Dragon Chapter 3541

        Feb wade immediately brightened up and said with unconcealed excitement, “I said I said …… I’ll be honest …… I really don’t want to stay in Wade Lingshan …… Charlie wade …… beg you to give me a chance! No matter what you ask me to do, I am willing, as long as you don’t ask me to go to Madagascar to cut sugar cane ……”

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “How could I possibly let you go to Madagascar, how can you say that you are also surnamed Wade, there is no way I would let a Wade family member go work for the Banks family to contribute.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade faintly smiled, “I want you to go to Northern Europe this time.”

        As soon as Feb wade heard the word Northern Europe, he not only sighed with relief, but also said with great excitement, “Go to Northern Europe? I’ll go I’ll go! What do you want me to do in Northern Europe, just give me an order, I will do my best!”

        At this moment, Feb wade’s heart was already extremely excited and he couldn’t help but think furiously, “Charlie wade asked me to go to Northern Europe, he must want me to represent the Wade family and strengthen the cooperation with the Northern European royal family! If I can win Helena’s heart and marry her, then I will be the link between the Wade family and the Nordic royal family! I could be made a duke too! Not only will I benefit from this, but the Wade family will also benefit greatly! It seems that Charlie wade has really played a good game of chess!”

        Thinking of this, Feb wade already thought of Charlie wade as his new parent, and hastened to make a flattering statement, “Charlie wade …… Oh no! The family master! You do not worry! I will do my best to win back Helena’s heart after I arrive in Northern Europe! I will never let down the hopes you and the Wade family have for me”

        Charlie wade froze and couldn’t help but laugh, “Then you’re probably thinking too much, I didn’t send you to Northern Europe for you to woo Helena, besides, she’s about to ascend the throne and become the Queen, you know with your toes that she can’t possibly look at you.”

        “Huh?” Feb wade’s heart went cold and he asked, “Then what are you asking me to go to Northern Europe for? Is it to start cooperation with the Nordic royal family as the representative of the Wade family? But didn’t you leave this task to Second Aunt before?”

        Charlie wade smiled, “Of course it’s not for you to be the representative of the Wade family either, the main reason is that there are still three people over there that need to be disposed of as soon as possible, so you’ll go to Northern Europe with the Vanguard Dragon Hall generals and send those three people to Syria.”

        “Ah? To Syria?!” Upon hearing this, Feb wade’s entire body almost collapsed and said offhandedly, “Then I’d rather stay at Wade Lingshan than go to a place like Syria ……”

        The conditions in Wade Lingshan were a bit tough, but at least it was safe.

        And you can still stay with your dad and other relatives.

        The conditions in Syria are 10,000 times tougher than in Wade lingshan, and there is war everywhere, so who wants to go to a place where there is nothing to do? It would be better for him to stay at Wade Ling Mountain and observe mourning for his ancestors.

        However, Charlie wade did not give him the chance to give feedback.

        He questioned in a cold voice, “Feb wade, do you think I am discussing with you?!”

        Seeing that Charlie wade was moved to anger, Feb wade cried and pleaded, “Charlie wade …… oh no …… family head …… I …… really don’t know you want me to go to Syria …… my father only has one son, if I die in Syria, my father will be extinct ah ……”

        Charlie wade said indifferently, “Don’t worry, with the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple around, you can’t die, not to mention that I have connections over there and will definitely guarantee your safety.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added a warning, “But you better not say any more nonsense, or else I might make you stay in Syria for the rest of your life!”

        Seeing this, Feb wade hurriedly nodded his head like a garlic and said, “I’ll go! I’ll go! I’ll go whenever you say!”

        Charlie wade ignored him and turned to a five-star war general from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons and said, “Now pick four of your men and take Feb wade with you on the Concorde to Northern Europe, and send the three people I mentioned to Hamid.”

        The five-star war general said respectfully, “My subordinate understands!”

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