The Real Dragon Chapter 3549

        “Good!” Lord Orrin nodded and sighed, “The Ten Thousand Dragon Hall is a sharp sword, if you can take this sword under your command, you will definitely be a great addition to the flower and a tiger in the future!”

        After that, Lord Orrin reminded, “But Charlie, how to use the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall well is a big problem, after all, their identity is special, and they have tens of thousands of people under their command, a little careless handling may bring you unnecessary trouble, so do you have any specific plans for your next step, Charlie?”

        Charlie wade replied, “The vast majority of the mercenaries of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall are overseas, and I don’t intend to let them come to the country in the future, so my plan is to first let them have a safe and reliable place to land overseas, so that they don’t roam around in various war-torn places like they did before.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added, “It would be best to choose a base for them to put down roots, and also change their business strategy, in the past they were purely mercenaries, working for whoever you paid more money to, without any sense of right and wrong, so they have done good things and bad things.”

        “In the future, I want to set a tone for them, a tone that at least cannot go against any sovereign country in the world, that is to say, they can only accept legal employment from sovereign countries in the future, and at the same time, they must not be enemies of any sovereign country, that is to say, if a country hires them to attack another country, such a thing can never be agreed to. Unless it is a country that hires them to clear out illegal armed forces, in which case they can also have good relations with the mainstream world.”

        Lord Orrin nodded his head very seriously and said, “That’s right! Although this is a world of the weak and the strong, the basic logic still follows the law, and cooperating with a sovereign country will stand up in legal terms.”

        Saying that, Lord Orrin added, “But Charlie, I think you’d better transform the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons a little more thoroughly.”

        Charlie wade was busy asking, “Uncle Gu(Sun), what good advice do you have?”

        Lord Orrin was just about to speak when Angie, who was at the side, couldn’t help but say, “Aiya, you two masters shouldn’t just chat in the courtyard, the meal has already been set up, let’s go in and talk while we eat!”

        Stephanie was still clinging to Charlie wade’s arm and said in a delicate voice, “Yes, Dad! I’ve been hungry for a long time, I’m waiting for brother Charlie wade to come back and eat together.”

        “Yes, yes, yes!” Lord Orrin laughed, “Charlie, let’s go in and talk while we eat!”

        With that, the four of them moved to the villa dining room and took their seats at the dining table.

        As soon as Charlie wade sat down, he asked Lord Orrin impatiently, “Uncle Gu(Sun), what good ideas and suggestions do you have regarding the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?”

        Lord Orrin said seriously, “I am thinking that if it is just a Ten Thousand Dragons Hall alone, then he would naturally do the mercenary set, because that set is the most profitable and can grow and develop the most.”

        Saying that, Lord Orrin turned his words and said seriously, “But Charlie you should know that your current low profile and hibernation is only temporary, since you want to carry the Wade family forward, one day you are going to have to personally go from behind the curtain to the front of the stage!”

        “When that day comes, everyone’s eyes around the world will be focused on you, and there will definitely be a large group of people who can’t wait to dig up your so-called black history, especially your enemies, who will definitely not miss any opportunity to frame and attack you in front of the world!”

        “If the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple remains a mercenary organisation at that time, and you as the true master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, you will be responsible for all the blood debts of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, and once others know about this relationship, you will definitely be rejected by mainstream society as well.”

        “And once you are ostracised by mainstream society, it will affect not only your own reputation, but likewise the Wade family’s reputation.”

        “Therefore, my advice is that you should make the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall achieve a complete bleaching and transformation as soon as possible, and make sure that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is sensible and legal all over the world!”

        “Otherwise, if you take in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall today, you’ll be planting a mine for yourself!”

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