The Real Dragon Chapter 3554

The next morning, Charlie wade said goodbye to Lord Orrin and Angie, and Stephanie drove him to the airport.

        The roads in Eastcliff were very clear in the early morning, but Stephanie drove slowly and deliberately, letting car after car pa*s in front of her without caring.

        The main reason why she drove so slowly was that Stephanie could not bear to see Charlie wade leave.

        Charlie wade also guessed what she was thinking, so he didn’t rush her.

        While driving absentmindedly, Stephanie said to Charlie wade, “Right brother Charlie wade, will you still come to Eastcliff some time later?”

        Charlie wade thought about it and replied, “After the team of professional managers on the Wade family’s side have prepared their reporting materials, I will meet with them, but I am not sure if they will still come to Eastcliff, or maybe I will ask them to report to me in Aurous Hill.”

        Stephanie said quietly, “I may be very busy in April, I have several concerts to push through domestically, and then from next month I will be starting an overseas tour for concerts, I may not be in the country for a long time ……”

        Charlie wade asked her, “How many shows are there on the tour?”

        Stephanie said, “At the moment it’s fifteen shows, but it’s still growing.”

        Charlie wade asked in disbelief, “How is it still increasing?”

        Stephanie spat out her tongue and helplessly said, “There are still a lot of overseas fans, because it is the final farewell concert, many fans are jointly requesting for more cities to be held, the agency discussed with me and said that everything depends on me, I can’t refuse the request of so many fans, so I added a few more stops to the tour in Europe and America.”

        Saying that, Stephanie added, “By the way, there’s also a show in Northern Europe, it’s going to be in June.”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Then we’ll have to get Helena to support you then!”

        Stephanie said, “No, no, it’s not appropriate to go to a concert when she’s about to be crowned queen.”

        “What’s inappropriate about that.” Charlie wade laughed, “Don’t the princes of Britain often take their wives and children to watch football matches? Helena is young to succeed the throne, if she puts up the Queen’s stance so early, it is not conducive to strengthening the ma*s base at the bottom, the best way is to reach out to the people and gain as much positive exposure as possible, so that when she is in her fifties or sixties, she can be an empress that the people will love and embrace.”

        Hearing this, Stephanie couldn’t help but laugh, “Brother Charlie wade, when I hear you say this, why do I feel like you’re not asking Helena to support me, but rather asking Helena to rub my nose in the heat ……”

        said, Stephanie hurriedly explained again, “I was joking oh, you must not take it seriously, I am not the kind of person who is calculating.”

        Charlie wade laughed, “That’s what it was meant to be, just like the prince of Britain, although he is also loved by most of the people, but nowhere near as much as football and the ball players, who are fanatically followed by the fans, he went to the game to actually win the goodwill of these fanatic fans, and to put it bluntly, to rub it in.”

        Stephanie nodded and asked him, “Brother Charlie wade, that Helena, she should like you a lot, right?”

        Charlie wade was surprised and asked, “Why do you say that?”

        Stephanie said seriously, “You saved her life, you also saved her mother, and you even helped her take back the throne, which is the same as fetching her up from the Mariana Trench and sending her to Mount Everest, as long as she is a normal woman, I’m afraid she will fall in love with you ……”

        Charlie wade said awkwardly, “That’s her freedom ……”

        Stephanie glanced at him and said quietly, “This time, at the Wade family’s ancestral festival, those confidantes of yours have come quite a lot ……”

        Charlie wade said vaguely, “They are all friends …… ordinary friends ……”

        Stephanie had a I believe you ghost expression and beamed, “I declare in advance, I’m not jealous, whoever wants to be your woman in the future and turns out to be a jealous person, then sooner or later they will sour themselves to death.”

        Charlie wade sweatdropped for a moment and hurriedly changed the subject to ask her, “Right Stephanie, when are you going overseas?”

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