The Real Dragon Chapter 3561

        Isaac Cameron said, “For big auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s, it usually takes at least half a year to prepare for a major auction, they usually have two major auctions a year, and during this half year, at least four months are spent preparing various lots, just like a talent show, several rounds of screening are required before the lots that will eventually appear at the auction are selected. “

        After a pause, Isaac Cameron added: “In addition, with all the lots already confirmed, it also takes at least two months of preparation, because they need a long time to lay the groundwork for a little bit of publicity, and also print auction brochures to give to all the clients, with key clients having to shoot their client representatives to introduce them in person, so that the other party knows what good things are available at this auction and what these things Let them know what good things are available at this auction and what kind of collector’s value each of these items has.”

        Charlie wade waved his hand: “Half a year is too long, this time let’s pull a faster pace, it’s the beginning of April, the auction will be set in late April, this time use word of mouth to spread the word, only promote in this group of elite cla*s of the upper cla*s.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “This time, the number of people attending the auction on site will only be given a maximum of two hundred places, no one more will be released!”

        “Also no more telephone consignment bidding, all those who want to participate in this auction must come to Aurous Hill for me! All of them must sit in person in the banquet hall of the Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace Hotel and raise their bids!”

        “Furthermore, whoever ends up with this Spring Return Pill must take it on the spot in public, and will never be allowed to take it away!”

        When the crowd heard this, they were even more shocked, and Graham Quinton asked in confusion, “Master Wade, why is it that it must be taken in public and not allowed to be taken away? This doesn’t seem very humane ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Of course this kind of thing can’t be humane, ordinary people can’t even buy an affordable Maotai wine, let alone my Spring Return Pill?”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “It must be taken in public, which will ensure that any rich person who wants the Spring Return Pill must come over in person, even if any European empress wants it, she must come to Aurous Hill in person to attend the auction! In addition to that, it would also ensure that the effects of the Spring Return Pill would be witnessed by those other 199 people!”

        Charlie wade gave a slight pause and asked with a raised eyebrow, “Think about it, when the time comes, there will be a rich man who will bid for the first quarter of the Spring Return Pill first, once he takes it on the spot, what kind of frenzy will the remaining 199 people fall into for the next three copies of the Spring Return Pill, as well as the whole Spring Return Pill?”

        Hearing Charlie wade explain this, one by one, the others seemed to have already seen the madness of the fight at the auction.

        After all, to those super rich people who were poor and only had money left, a Spring Return Pill that could return to youth, prolong their lives and dispel their ailments was definitely the item that would drive them the most crazy in this world.

        By that time, the price of the Spring Return Pill would easily be pushed up to the clouds!

        Isaac Cameron was excited and said offhandedly, “Master Wade, as long as this auction is held successfully, then after the auction, the fame of the Spring Return Pill will definitely be known worldwide!”

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “What I want is for it to be world-famous! As long as this auction meets my expectations, this auction can be held continuously from now on! In the future, I might take out one or two or even three or four Spring Return Pills for auction every year, and by then, I will make this little Aurous Hill a holy place where the world’s rich and powerful will flock to and worship!”

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