The Real Dragon Chapter 3580

Seeing that Lu Haotian was genuinely repentant, Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and took out a Spring Return Pill from his pocket, then divided the Pill in half and handed half of it to Jerold and spoke, “Take this half pill and put it into Lu Haotian’s mouth, his injuries will soon be healed.”

Everyone, including Wan Xiaojun, was dumbfounded when they heard Charlie wade’s words!

Earlier on Wade Ling Mountain, Charlie wade had used his spiritual qi to repair Wan Bajun’s meridians.

At that time, Wan Bajun understood in his heart that Charlie wade was someone with great divine powers.

At the same time, Wan Bajun also understood that the energy system within Charlie wade’s body was already very different from the energy system of a martial artist.

It was because of this that Charlie wade could use that higher level of energy to repair Wan Bajun’s already irreversibly broken meridians.

The other Ten Thousand Dragon Hall generals probably guessed this logic as well, so they all thought that Charlie wade should treat Lu Haotian in the same way that he had treated Wan Breaking Jun last time.

However, no one expected that this time, Charlie wade would take out a pill to treat Lu Haotian.

Moreover, this pill was even only half a pill.

Everyone was asking themselves a question in their hearts: what kind of medicine was it that only needed half a pill to cure a six-star martial artist who was seriously injured?

Although Jerold was also amazed, he still followed Charlie wade’s instructions and stuffed that half of the Spring Return Pill into Lu Haotian’s mouth.

To Lu Haotian’s amazement, although the pill was solid, it instantly melted in his mouth and not the slightest trace could be found, completely turning into a warm stream flowing down his throat all the way to his abdomen.

Immediately afterwards, the medicinal power began to spread rapidly to his limbs.

Subconsciously, he tried to straighten his legs to fight the cramps, but with a little effort, he stood up from his seat!

This scene completely shocked all the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

No one had expected that the pills Charlie wade had taken out would all have such powerful effects.

Lu Haotian was even more shocked, subconsciously moved his limbs and found that they had completely recovered, he could not help but exclaim: “I …… I …… have actually recovered all… . my meridians have all recovered too ……”

Wan Bajun was filled with horror!

He couldn’t help but marvel in his heart, “I thought that Mr. Wade had already mastered a higher level of mysterious energy, but I never thought that even the pills that Mr. Wade casually took out would possess such unbelievable energy… this …… is simply too strong… …”

Lu HaoTian was also shocked to the core at this moment, and when he thought back to how he had been so insolent and arrogant in front of Charlie wade, his heart was even more ashamed.

At this moment, he finally realised that the difference between himself and Charlie wade was like the light of a firefly and the glory of a white moon, and for Charlie wade to spare his life and even heal his injuries was already a great gift to him!

So, he hurriedly knelt on the ground and said repentantly, “Mr. Wade, you have forgiven my subordinate despite your past grudges, and even helped me to heal my wounds.

Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “You should indeed be grateful to me, because this half of the rejuvenation pill that I just gave you will fetch at least several billion RMB at the upcoming auction soon!”

This light-hearted statement from Charlie wade caused the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall present to be even more struck by lightning!

Even Wan Breaking Army was stunned silly.

Half a pill was worth at least a few billion RMB?

At first, he thought it was a little unlikely.

But when he thought about the miraculous effects of that Spring Return Pill, what were billions?

If it were him who had been seriously injured and destroyed his cultivation, he would be willing to spend even billions of dollars, not to mention billions of RMB!

What made him even more grateful in his heart was that Charlie wade was willing to give this multi-billion dollar pill to Lu Haotian at his leisure.

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