The Real Dragon Chapter 3585

        “I understand ……” Helena said in a voice that could not hide her loss, “I just …… wanted you to show up so badly that I couldn’t help but ask, even though I knew it might be difficult for you to get away, and with your personality, you might not like this kind of occasion ……”

        Charlie wade hmmed and asked her, “It’s still a few hours away, are you nervous now?”

        “Nervous ……” Helena leaned in, “Because this coronation ceremony is not only public, but it’s being simulcast worldwide, so I’m especially nervous right now ……”

        Charlie wade asked curiously, “Such a solemn event that has to be broadcast live worldwide?”

        “Yes ……” Helena said helplessly, “Because back in the 1950s, before her coronation, the Queen of Britain had allowed the nation’s radio and television to broadcast her coronation ceremony live at the request of her nationals, so this time when I succeeded to the throne, the Nordic people also petitioned online to have my coronation process broadcast live, and after consultation between the royal family and the Nordic government, they also felt that this was a good opportunity to enhance the influence of the royal family and bring the royal family closer to the people, so they authorized many television stations, online video websites and the media to broadcast it live for free ……”

        Charlie wade then said comfortingly, “Don’t be nervous, the global live broadcast is also really a good opportunity for the world to see you, there are not many royal families left in the world itself now, and there are even fewer queens, not to mention a young and beautiful queen like you, I believe that after this coronation ceremony, you will become one of the most well-known women in the world, this is a hundred benefits for you, but no harm It will not only bring you and the whole royal family more influence as well as potential benefits, but it will also further increase the solidity of your royal power.”

        Helena asked, “Mr. Wade …… will you be watching my coronation then?”

        “Will!” Charlie wade said seriously, “I only know such a serious royal as you in the whole world, and soon to succeed the throne as empress, this cowl is really enough for me to blow for more than ten years, so such a major coronation ceremony, I will definitely watch it live on the internet.”

        Helena said gratefully, “That would be perfect …… Mr. Wade, you must not lie to me ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Don’t worry, I will definitely watch the whole live broadcast, and then we will also let our short video platform do a broadcast to raise your influence in China a little.”

        Helena said with delight, “I don’t care if other people watch it or not, as long as you are willing to watch it, I will be satisfied.”

        Charlie wade said with relief, “Don’t worry, I will cheer for you in China.”

        Helena was touched and said, “Thank you Mr Wade, at eight o’clock which is two hours later, I will take the royal carriage and travel from the palace to the cathedral, at that time I will wear the brooch I have carefully prepared for you on my chest, you must remember to watch it!”

        Charlie wade was surprised and asked, “A brooch for me? What does this mean?”

        Helena said shyly, “You’ll know when you see it then ……”

        Charlie wade knew that Helena was trying to keep a suspense, so he did not pursue the question any further.

        However, he did suddenly remember about the auction and said to Helena, “Right, there is something that I have to trouble you to pa*s on to your grandmother for me.”

        “My grandmother?” Helena asked in surprise, “What is it that you need me to convey to her?”

        Charlie wade smiled, “There should be many European royalty and nobles as well as high cla*s people attending your coronation ceremony today, right?”

        “Yes ……” Helena said, “Almost all the European royal families have sent representatives, even the Middle Eastern royal families have come some.”

        Charlie wade then said, “I have to trouble your grandmother to help me promote the Spring Return Pill in front of these people!”

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