The Real Dragon Chapter 3597

        The live camera quickly zoomed in and gave Helena a close-up of her whole body, and in the close-up Helena was even more beautiful.

        The presenter couldn’t help but feel at this point, “I have to say, Helena Iliad is just so beautiful, everyone in the audience was stunned by her beauty, you can imagine how happy the Nordic people are inside at this moment!”

        At this point, the camera noticed a brooch worn on Helena’s left breast, and then the camera quickly zoomed in to give a close-up of that brooch.

        The presenter then spoke, “As you can see the camera is now giving a close-up of the brooch Helena is wearing, it must be a leaf made of gold, it looks very fine and at the bottom of this leaf, there are two letters spelled out in tiny diamonds, C and W.”

        Said the host, adding, “I think this chest pin should have extraordinary significance for Helena Iliad, and as for the two letters C and W, there is a high possibility that they are the initials of a person’s name, just like MichaelJackson for short, MJ, I just don’t know what kind of name this CW, is the initials of, but it is certain that if it really is an abbreviation for a person’s name, then that person should be very important to Helena Iliad.”

        Speaking here, the host laughed, “I believe that at this moment all the viewers in the West should be wondering what exactly CW stands for, and if it really is an abbreviation of a person’s name, then who exactly is it, and I guess in a few minutes’ time, speculation about the two letters CW is likely to become a big hit on the Western social media!”

        At this time, both Isaac Cameron and Don Albert looked at Charlie Wade at the same time.

        Others couldn’t think of what these two letters stood for, but Isaac Cameron and Don Albert could tell at a glance that it definitely stood for Charlie Wade.

        Combined with the fact that the brooch itself was in the shape of a leaf, and happened to represent Charlie Wade’s surname, it was even more stone-cold.

        Charlie Wade also did not expect that the brooch that Helena had instructed him to look out for over the phone would be a leaf representing his surname, as well as the phonetic initials of his name.

        In his opinion, Helena was cautious and should not have come up with such a small egg on such a momentous occasion, as it would definitely lead to a lot of suspicion from the outside world and would certainly not be good for her.

        What was even more unexpected was that Helena was standing in front of the palace gates and after waving to the crowd a few times, she kissed the tip of her right finger gently and then gently covered it with the brooch on her chest!

        The media exploded!

        The keen media members speculated on the real intention of Helena’s move, and that Chinese host couldn’t help but exclaim, “Everyone should have seen what Helena Iliad just did, and if I’m right, she should be indirectly kissing that brooch of hers! Mind you, she is now in the presence of hundreds of millions of viewers all over the world! To make such an action at such a time without avoiding it is enough to see that this brooch is extremely significant to her!”

        Isaac Cameron looked at Charlie Wade at this moment and said with a smile, “Young master, Helena should be confessing her love to you again across the air ……”

        Charlie Wade shook his head helplessly and said, “If that’s the case, then it only means that she can’t carry the lesser of the two, how can she risk such a small thought on such an important occasion of the coronation of the new emperor, it’s totally more than worth the loss ……”

        Don Albert heatedly smiled and seriously said, “Master Wade, maybe for people Helena, coronation or not, enthronement or not is not important, taking this opportunity to confess her love to you in front of the whole world is the most important!”

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