The Real Dragon Chapter 3599

        Charlie Wade asked her, “Did you tell Nana-chan that I was coming to your company?”

        “Of course.” Jasmine smiled and said, “It was Nana-chan who asked me to ask you, she thought at first glance that Helena was making a pa*s at you, and I felt the same way as she did.”

        Saying that, Jasmine said with a few flirtatious tones, “Master Wade, now the whole world is guessing who CW really is, I guess this fever will continue for some time, you must keep a low profile lately, otherwise if people guess that you are CW, it will be troublesome.”

        Charlie Wade shook his head and said slightly helplessly, “Let’s talk about the auction.”

        Jasmine saw that Charlie Wade intended to avoid the topic, so she did not flirt too much and said seriously, “Master Wade, what are you going to do about the auction for the Spring Return Pill this time?”

        Charlie Wade said, “I plan to have the Wade family and the Moore family join forces to hold it, and the venue will be chosen at Buckingham Palace.”

        Jasmine asked, “Master Wade, if the Wade family were to participate publicly, would it bring unnecessary trouble to your identity?”

        Charlie Wade said, “I will only offer the Spring Return Pill at this auction, I will not be involved in the specific operation, when the time comes, it will be the Wade family and the Moore family who will appear on stage. Moreover, the Wade family has never held an auction of antiques, so it will be up to you Jiqing Hall to bring out all the good things that you have pressed to hold up the scene.”

        Jasmine smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will bring out the best of Jiqing Hall’s collection!”

        After that, Jasmine asked, “Right, Master Wade, when the Spring Return Pill is auctioned off, there will always be an introduction to the Spring Return Pill, so should we mention your name then? After all, the Spring Return Pill was also made by you.”

        “No need.” Charlie Wade shook his head and said, “I’ve already thought of the text about the Spring Return Pill, just say that the Moore family was entrusted by a mysterious seller in Aurous Hill to put the two Spring Return Pills up for auction, and the Moore family was worried that they would have more than enough power to run the auction, so they took the initiative to cooperate with the Wade family, as for the identity of the mysterious seller, just say that they promised the other party to keep it absolutely confidential. “

        As for the identity of the mysterious seller, just say that you promised the other party to keep it absolutely confidential. ” Having said that, Charlie Wade then told Jasmine in detail about his overall layout of the future auction.

        After hearing this, Jasmine said with gratitude and surprise, “Master Wade, what you have said is a business secret worth a thousand dollars, how come you have told me so casually?”

        Charlie Wade said with a smile, “Business secrets are also divided into people, for outsiders, some of them are indeed business secrets, but for friends, it doesn’t matter even if they are business secrets.”

        After a pause, Charlie Wade continued, “I am personally very optimistic about this opportunity, and with such a good opportunity, it is natural for good friends to share it together, and it is impossible for me to eat up all the dividends of Aurous Hill’s future development by myself, and I hope that we can all work together in the long term and take what we need in the future.”

        Jasmine said gratefully, “Master Wade, Jasmine understands.”

        Charlie Wade nodded and smiled, and added: “Right, the reason why we are joining hands with you to do the auction of the Spring Return Pill this time is mainly because we also hope that Jiqing Hall can take this opportunity to make its own brand influence, once our auction attracts the world’s top tycoons, then Sotheby’s and Christie’s will naturally fall behind when compared to us. “

        “More and more wealthy people will come to Aurous Hill for this auction, more and more collections will be eager to be on the auction block, and we, as the organisers, will take more and more commission from it.”

        “However, I can give you a promise, no matter how long this auction is held, the Wade family will only manage the auction of the Spring Return Pill, as for the auction of other collectibles at the auction, all of them will be left to your Jiqing Hall to operate, as long as you do a good enough job, I believe it won’t be long before Jiqing Hall’s popularity in the auction field will surpa*s Sotheby’s and Christie’s! “

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