The Real Dragon Chapter 3601

        This was because she was well aware of the value of the Spring Return Pill, and there was probably nothing more collectible in this world that could be compared to a top-notch divine medicine like the Spring Return Pill.

        Therefore, she could almost already foresee that the auction for the Spring Return Pill would definitely set a historical record.

        This, naturally, was a great opportunity for Jiqing Hall to make a name for itself.

        It was tantamount to a third-tier starlet finally having the opportunity to perform on the same stage as the top stars in this world, an absolute chicken and dog opportunity!

        Therefore, she was very excited and said to Charlie wade, “Don’t worry, Master Wade, I will definitely do my best to make this auction the best it can be!”

        Charlie wade nodded and said with a slight touch of emotion, “Although Jiqing Hall is the property of your Moore family, it has extraordinary significance to me …… so Jasmine, you must make Jiqing Hall’s reputation bigger and stronger, and it will not be in vain of a destiny I have with it.”

        Back then at Jiqing Hall, if it wasn’t for his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, who had mistakenly knocked over that antique vase, Charlie wade would never have had the chance to obtain the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures.

        Without the Nine Mystical Scriptures, today’s Aurous Hill would only have Young Master Wade, not Master Wade.

        That was why Charlie wade felt in his heart that Jiqing Hall meant a lot to him.

        However, little did he know that when Jasmine, who was beside him, heard this, a misunderstanding arose in her heart.

        Hearing Charlie wade’s exclamation, Jasmine’s heart immediately rippled and her eyes looked at Charlie wade like a river of spring water, full of deep love.

        In fact, for Jasmine, who had always loved Charlie wade, she had long regarded Jiqing Hall as one of the most important places in her life.

        However, she did not expect that Charlie wade would also find Jiqing Hall to be of great significance.

        This made her mistakenly believe that this feeling of Charlie wade was all because of her.

        At the same time, it also made her feel that her deep love for Charlie wade for so long did not seem to be wishful thinking; at least Charlie wade had a place for himself in his heart.

        While being touched, she could not help but sigh softly in a somewhat delicate voice: “Master Wade …… thank you for taking Jiqing Hall so seriously …… in fact Jiqing Hall means just as much to me ……”

        Speaking of this, she looked at Charlie wade with affectionate eyes and said softly, “Master Wade, when I first met you, although I seemed to be the eldest lady of the Moore family, I was actually only in charge of this business of Jiqing Hall in the Moore family, and at that time, I never dreamed that I could one day become the head of the Moore family ……”

        “Until …… until that day …… at Jiqing Hall, I met you ……”

        “It was also because of you that Jasmine was able to live today and have everything she has today ……”

        At this moment, Jasmine’s eyes were already brimming with tears.

        In the case of the Moore Group, which has a market capitalization of a hundred billion dollars, Jiqing Hall is just a small, insignificant piece of trimmings.

        Jasmine, on the other hand, has long since lost her parents, and it would have been difficult for her to stand on her own in the Moore family in the first place, not to mention the covert suppression by Theodore and Rueben’s father and son.

        So, when the Moore family gave him the Jiqing Hall business, it was like sending her away with a small profit.

        She knew that she was just a woman and had no parents to rely on, so she was content for the Moore family to share the business with her.

        However, what she could not have imagined was that her life would take the biggest turn in her life at Jiqing Hall.

        That twist was Charlie wade.

        Without Charlie wade, she would have died at the hands of her elder uncle and cousin, and she would not have survived all the calamities and become the head of the Moore family.

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