The Real Dragon Chapter 3623

        When Hamid saw that Wan Bajun was so forthcoming, and that he had respect for Charlie wade in his words, his heart was surprised, and he wondered why Wan Bajun had such respect for Charlie wade.

        Charlie wade smiled faintly at this time and said with astonishing words, “Old brother, Broken Jun and the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall under his command have sworn their allegiance to me, from now on he will be one of your own to you.”

        With these words, Charlie wade scared Hamid into a daze!

        He had thought that Charlie wade had come to reconcile this time, but never in his wildest dreams did he expect that both Wan Breaking Army and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had already pledged their allegiance to Charlie wade.

        So he subconsciously asked, “Old Brother …… Is this really true? You’re not joking with me, are you?”

        Just as he was incredulous at all this, Wan Broken Army also spoke up, “Commander Hamid, Mr. Wade is not joking with you, the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall has indeed sworn allegiance to Mr. Wade!”

        Hamid was shocked and looked at Charlie wade, muttering, “Old …… brother …… how on earth did you do that ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “We’ll talk about these later, when will Said arrive?”

        Hamid looked at the time and replied, “About ten more minutes.”

        “Good.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “Then let’s wait for him here.”

        Ten minutes later, another helicopter slowly landed in the middle of the valley.

        Said, dressed in military uniform, jumped down from the helicopter with great strides, and as soon as he saw Charlie wade, he warmly greeted him, “Hello, Mr. Wade! At last we meet again!”

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled, exchanged a few pleasantries with him, and then introduced Wan Breaking Army to him.

        Saiyid had never seen Wan Breaking Army before, so when he suddenly learned that the young man beside Charlie wade was Wan Breaking Army, he was a bit confused for a while.

        Charlie wade patted Sayid’s shoulder and said with a smile, “This time, I asked you to come for an interview because I want to solve all the problems between you and the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple in one step, plus offer you a better option, why don’t we go to Commander Hamid’s meeting room to talk in detail?”

        “Yes!” Said hastily agreed.

        When the four of them arrived at the conference room, Charlie wade opened the door and said to Said: “Said, those 15,000 prisoners of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall must be a considerable burden and liability for you, right?”

        Naturally, Sai Yide did not want to admit this in front of Wan Bu Jun, so he said in a light-hearted manner, “Actually, it doesn’t matter, we have a special area designated for their imprisonment, and everything is in order.”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Said, here today, in fact, whether it’s me, or Hamid, or even Wan Breaking Army, they are no longer your enemies, but your friends.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “Since Hamid successfully defended against the government army and the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple, the other opposition forces have all started to vigorously strengthen their defences, and in the future they will each develop their bases in the mountains in places that are easy to defend and difficult to attack, it will be difficult for you to fight, and with no danger to defend yourselves, the situation will only become more and more pa*sive in the future. “

        Said’s face remained unchanged, but his heart was indeed worried about this matter.

        At the moment, the two sides are really in a stalemate, originally, this stalemate does not make the government forces too anxious, after all, they always feel that the other side is in the defensive stage, even if they have no way to attack, at least they are still in the initiative position.

        However, what happened in another country in the Middle East some time ago has sent chills down their backs.

        That country had just undergone a huge change of heart, and it was those on the pa*sive side, playing guerrilla in the mountains, who gained the ultimate victory.

        This greatly stimulated their nerves and made them become nervous all of a sudden.

        At this time, Charlie wade said with a straight face, “Said, if you are willing, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall can become half your ally in the future.”

        Saeed was surprised and asked, “What is a half ally?”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and explained, “They will become bulletproof vests on you, although they will not participate in your offense, but if you face danger, they will fully a*sist you in your defense and defend against the opponent’s fatal strike!”

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