The Real Dragon Chapter 3628

To Charlie wade, Hamid admired him to the core of his being.

        It was not just because Charlie wade had cured his leg, nor was it just because Charlie wade had guided him to resist the attack of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, but also because of Charlie wade’s ability to easily turn the tide in a big situation.

        Before this, the country was in a state of war, with both warring sides fighting to the death, and the intervention of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had put Hamid and his camp in jeopardy.

        However, after Charlie wade had pointed the way, the two sides had been in an actual ceasefire for a long time, and during this time, everyone was considered completely relieved.

        Now, Charlie wade had re-installed the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons and placed him in a position of collaborative defence, which at once just made up for the weakness of Said’s side’s defence.

        You know, if this problem was not solved, the Said side would have been even more desperate to wipe out all the opposition in the face of the enormous pressure for survival as well as the pressure for defence.

        And now, the addition of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons immediately gave them great relief from this mood.

        When he thought that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple had already pledged its allegiance to Charlie wade, Hamid worshipped him even more in his heart.

        At this moment, Charlie wade opened his mouth and asked Hamid, “By the way, what happened to those guys I had sent here the other day?”

        Hamid smiled and said, “They are all digging in the mountain, including those students of Miss He(Ziva), I have organized them into the digging cla*s, and they are responsible for doing hard labour at the front of the tunnel every day.”

        As he spoke, he heard a sudden muffled sound from the interior of the nearby mountain, followed by an earthquake-like shaking of the ground.

        Hamid hastened to explain, “Brother, this is the tunneling of the cannon, drilling holes in the stone wall to release the cannon, transporting the blasted stone out, and then anchoring it well, the tunnel is basically finished.”

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “This place of yours is really good, you don’t even have to worry about him running away if you lock him up in this place, even if he does, it’s impossible for him to get out alive.”

        “Yes!” Hamid laughed, “This is surrounded by mountains, it’s really not easy to run out, and even the farmers around here are all my people, there are still my eyes and ears planted everywhere, as long as they are people you send over here, I’ll take my head to guarantee that they will never be able to run away, and absolutely no one will be able to find this place.”

        Charlie wade smiled with satisfaction, “That’s good, if you come across any unscrupulous ones in the future, send them all over to you as free labour.”

        Hamid patted his chest and promised, “Don’t worry, I’ll take as many as I can get!”

        “Hmm.” Charlie wade nodded slightly, looked at the time and said, “Alright, old brother, I still have to rush back to China, so I won’t talk to you anymore, I’ll come back when I have the chance.”

        Hamid said reluctantly, “Brother, can we at least have lunch before we leave? We can have a drink together. I bought some Chinese Maotai wine the other day, so I’m waiting for you to come and have a drink with you.”

        Charlie wade smiled and said, “No, brother, I appreciate it. I still have a four-hour flight back, and it will be nighttime if I arrive in China later.

        Hamid had to nod and said, “Alright then, since you’re in a hurry to go back, I won’t keep you too long, next time you come, make sure you have a good drink!”


        A few minutes later, Charlie wade returned to Beirut alone by helicopter.

        When he arrived at the airport in Brut and was about to transfer to a Concorde flight back to China, he received a call from Wan Bajun.

        As Charlie wade had made all the terms and conditions very clear to Said, Wan Breaking Army signed all the agreements without any problems after meeting with them in Damascus.

        Moreover, Said’s leader personally placed the map in front of Wan Breaking Army and let him pick the right location directly from the map.

        Wan Bajun also kept to the agreement and chose a relatively regular piece of land in the middle of Damascus and the opposition gathering area to be used as the back base of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.

        Although the overall area of that land was already nearly one hundred and fifty square kilometres, Said’s leader was very quick to agree to it.

        To him, the land was just the best option for building a buffer zone, and he would be much more at ease in the future with the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons stationed there.

        Apart from that, there was the issue of the captives.

        Wan Bajun has already arranged for the financial staff of the Dragon Palace to complete the transfer immediately, and Said has personally begun preparations for the release of the prisoners, and expects to have the 15,000 men shipped to Damascus as soon as this evening.

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