The Real Dragon Chapter 3650

At this moment, Smith had no idea that Liam hadn’t even left him a chance to kneel and kowtow in apology.

        And at this moment, Liam was on the flight back to Aurous Hill.

        Although Charlie wade’s private plane was not as fast as the Concorde, the interior decoration was no worse than the Concorde, and at this moment Liam was resting in the more luxurious than five-star guest room on the plane, not at all sleepy and tired from the journey.

        Smith, on the other hand, had started looking for his connections in the Washington Police Department early in the morning to investigate Liam’s place of residence.

        He only knew how to pronounce Liam’s name, but not how to spell it in English letters, so it was quite a struggle to find out.

        The police officer then used a filtering method to find all the Chinese male travellers in Washington who had checked in yesterday and let Smith sit in front of the computer and look at the photos one by one for an hour before he finally identified the hotel and room number where Liam was actually staying.

        The friend from the police station helped make a phone call, then patted Smith on the shoulder and said with a smile, “You don’t have to be too anxious, I’ve already asked the hotel, this Liam guy has booked a room for a week, so he definitely won’t be leaving Washington anytime soon.”

        Smith sighed with relief and said busily, “Thank you Pete, I’ll buy you a drink some day!”

        The other man laughed, “No need to be so polite, would you like me to accompany you there?”

        Smith waved his hand, “No, no, I’m going to apologise, and if I take a police officer with me, I’m afraid he’ll think I’m threatening him.”

        “All right.” The other party nodded and said, “Then I’ll say hello to the person in charge of the hotel, so that the hotel will let you in.”


        Smith left the police station, got into his own car and hurried to the hotel where Liam was staying.

        When he arrived at the hotel, he gave his name to the security staff, who had received the officer’s message in advance, and immediately helped him swipe his card and get into the lift of the guest room.

        When he arrived at the door of Liam’s room, Smith was apprehensive.

        He was afraid that Liam would simply close the door when he saw him, or perhaps even look through the cat’s eye and see that it was himself outside the door and simply not even open it.

        After a long hesitation at the door of the room, he could only stiffen his head and press the doorbell of the room.

        The doorbell rang three times and there was no movement inside.

        Smith kept his eyes on the little bright light in the cat’s eye.

        When you looked inside the cat’s eye from the outside, you certainly couldn’t see anything, but you could see the light from the inside.

        Smith was also trying to determine whether anyone was walking around inside or not by the change in this little bright light.

        But after ringing the doorbell several times, the little light in the cat’s eye never changed.

        Smith was a little surprised and thought to himself, “Is that Liam still sleeping? I’ve rung the doorbell so many times, even a pig should be awake by now.”

        Thinking of this, Smith could only continue to ring the doorbell while knocking hard and shouting, “Mr Liam, it’s me, it’s Smith, are you up?”

        There was still no response from inside the room.

        Smith held his chin: “Strange …… no sense pretending to be deaf in the room, right? Wouldn’t that be too childish?”

        Smith had no choice but to continue knocking hard on the door.

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