The Real Dragon Chapter 4915

        Zayne’s brain is confused, as soon as he opened his mouth, he realized he seemed to have run off course, the ring was opened, shouldn’t he have proposed first?

        Thinking of this, he didn’t know how to pull it towards the proposal for a while, he could only say stiffly, “That …… I meant to say …… I have not done my duty as a father for so many years …… I have made Xion suffer a lot ……”

        Xion could see that her father had already messed up, and while she was touched, she couldn’t help but choke up and remind her, “Dad …… What is the point of what you want to say? The ring you’re holding, it should be for mum, right?”

        Only then did Zayne come back to his senses and hurriedly looked at He Yingxiu, saying nervously but sincerely, “Yingxiu, it’s true that you’ve been wronged for so many years …… Today, in front of Xion, I would like to ask you if you are willing to marry me, if you are, for the rest of your life, I will do my best to make you two happy ……”

        Although He Yingxiu had already realized what Zayne was going to do before, but when Zayne really asked herself if she was willing to marry him, her whole body was still stunned speechless.

        To her, marrying Zayne was something that she did not even dare to think about.

        Strictly speaking, He Yingxiu had never thought that she would marry Zayne in this life.

        Apart from the huge difference between their status, more importantly, ever since she had a relationship with Zayne more than twenty years ago, she had always been so ashamed of her act of interfering in Zayne’s marriage with Du Haiqing back then that she had hardly met Zayne again in the subsequent twenty years.

        Even though the entire He family was serving the Banks family and even as an adult Xion had been sent to Zayne’s side, He Yingxiu had remained in Desert City and never set foot in the Banks family again.

        Therefore, when Zayne suddenly asked her to marry him, she was at a loss as to what to do, so she froze in her tracks and did not move at all.

        Xion at the side hurriedly urged, “Mom, what’s wrong with you? Dad is still kneeling on the floor!”

        He Yingxiu came back to her senses and said in a panic: “Eldest Young Master …… I …… I don’t know what to say ……”

        Zayne knew exactly what He Yingxiu was worried about, and he said seriously, “Yingxiu, let’s no longer count on what was right or wrong in the past, even without you, my original marriage would not have been happy, not to mention that I am no longer the young master of the Banks family, and there is no difference in status or position between you and me. If you think the Banks family will make you feel awkward, I can give up all my rights and interests in the Banks family, I don’t ask for anything now, I only ask you to promise me!

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