The Real Dragon Chapter 4919

        Li Yalin understands his son-in-law. He is an aerospace professional with excellent education and skills, but because of his Chinese background and lack of connections, he has always been suppressed at NASA.

        In fact, it was the same for Li Yalin when he first became a detective.

        Within the American police system, although minorities are rarely discriminated against in any obvious way, the general environment of repression is omnipresent.

        Most minority police officers held relatively low-level jobs and had to work far harder than others to move up the ladder.

        After returning home, Li Yalin left his family in the living room and said emotionally, “It’s hard to come back, let’s have a meeting with everyone first.”

        His wife, daughter and son-in-law all agreed without a second thought and sat down on either side of Li Yalin.

        Li Yalin took out the cheque of ten million dollars from Phoebe and said, “Regarding this money, my current idea is to leave it all to the baby in Yuan Yuan’s womb and make a family trust for him.”

        My daughter said, “Dad, the baby is not yet born, you don’t need to think so long term for him ……”

        Li Yalin said seriously, “This is something I must consider, before I was thinking too little about you guys, that’s why our family relationship is so distant, besides, I’m not doing it for you, it’s for your child and his future children ……”

        He said, sighing, “After having more contact with your Uncle An and his family, I understand the truth that the reason why rich people in the West can stay rich is because they pa*s on their a*sets with more emphasis on deeds rather than just inheritance, so starting with the baby in your belly, we will also make a family trust and put all this $10 million into it, until the child is eighteen. This money is all used for minimum risk investments and should at least double by the year he turns eighteen.”

        Li Yalin’s son-in-law couldn’t help but speak up at this time, “Dad …… There is something that I have been trying to find a chance to tell you on the way back, don’t be angry with me if I tell you ……”

        Li Yalin looked at his son-in-law and nodded, “Little Sun, go ahead.”

        My son-in-law hesitated for a moment and said stiffly, “When I was at the Anbang Mansion, Mr. An Chongqiu of the An family approached me and said that the An family was willing to take $100 million out to make a trust for my child and Yuan Yuan’s child on the condition that if the child in Yuan Yuan’s belly was a boy, he would be given the surname Li after Yuan Yuan, and if it was a girl, he could choose to take the surname Li, or wait until there was another boy, and then let the The boy’s surname is Lee ……”

        Li Yalin and his wife and daughter were both shocked.

        Li Yalin was even a bit vain, he did not expect that An Chongqiu had privately told his son-in-law about this matter, he quickly said, “Xiao Sun don’t be angry, your Uncle An is telling you this, mainly because your grandfather An is a bit old and feudal, you must not take it to heart, let alone blame him in your heart ……”

        “No ……” My son-in-law said awkwardly, “Dad …… I …… I have …… I have taken it upon myself to …… promised ……”

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