The Real Dragon Chapter 4921

        His entire face was red and sweating like rain, and his eyes were unconsciously widened to the extreme, and all his veins were vaguely bursting a little.

        Li Yalin was a bit dumbfounded as he listened, and he couldn’t help but ask: “100 million dollars …… Can it have so much power?!”

        Without thinking, his son-in-law nodded heavily, “That’s right! Dad! In the hands of a rich man, 100 million dollars is that much power!”

        He said, “Of course, the most important point here is that the An family can guarantee us an annual net interest rate of 8%. But if the market environment is bad this year and the $100 million ends up being only $90 million, the An family will put up $18 million to guarantee our trust’s remaining $108 million!”

        “With the An family as our backer, we don’t have to worry about losing money at all, we just need to wait for the trust proceeds to be released after eighteen years!”

        Li Yalin’s wife and daughter were already dumbfounded, while Li Yalin subconsciously said, “Little Sun, isn’t this too much money? How can we, as a family, take so much from others? This is just too inappropriate ……”

        What Li Yalin said was not a lie.

        After listening to his son-in-law’s calculation of this account, he realised that my family was not simply going to give himself a sum of money, he was giving a promise that had no expiry date and was forever.

        As long as the An family still existed, then the An family would guarantee the benefit of this trust.

        This was tantamount to the An family giving the Li family a long-term meal ticket, and the denomination of this meal ticket was very high.

        Therefore, although he expected his son-in-law to agree to An Chongqiu’s request, when he heard this, he also felt that this favour was too generous and he really could not afford to accept it.

        But when his son-in-law saw that he was hesitant, he said nervously, “Dad! You mustn’t think twice about it, Dad! This is the perfect opportunity for our family to jump from one fish to another, if we miss it, we will regret it for the rest of our lives!”

        As he said that, he quickly gave his wife Li Yuanyuan a wink and blurted out, “Yuanyuan, hurry up and persuade Dad!”

        Li Yuanyuan was also shocked by the figure, but she was not quite the same as her own father.

        Li Yalin had been a policeman all his life and had long since lost sight of life and death, so he actually didn’t care about money at all.

        Otherwise, with his relationship with the An family, he could have quit his job as a police officer at any time in the past decades of his life journey to ask the An family for a bite to eat.

        And the An family would certainly have treated him extremely well. Given the An family’s style of operation and financial strength, it was possible that he, Li Yalin, would be worth billions of dollars by now.

        But Li Yuanyuan was different.

        Li Yuan Yuan had grown up in conditions and living environments that were barely up to the level of the American middle cla*s, but there were far too many middle-cla*s people in America.

        Moreover, Li Yuan Yuan grew up studying and living in America, a materialistic capitalist country, and knew a lot about the lifestyle of the upper cla*s, and at the same time aspired to it.

        She knew that she would never have the chance to achieve what she wanted.

        But now, she suddenly realised that a rare opportunity was within her grasp.

        So she hurriedly spoke up, “Dad …… Even if it’s for the sake of the children, you must accept it ah, if with this trust, Sun Hui and I can absolutely have more children, in this way, our family will be prosperous at once.”

        Sun Hui, the son-in-law, could not help but say, “Yes, yes, yes! We must have more children! And all these children can be named Li, I agree with both hands, I have no problem with that!”

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