The Real Dragon Chapter 4930

Charlie wade knew Elaine very well.

        He knew very well Elaine’s style of action and logic of thinking.

        Since Elaine had fallen in love with the Bedford Hills Correctional Institution, and liked the feeling of being a ghostly figure there, if he did not take her request into consideration and let her out of prison tomorrow, then she would definitely be resentful in her heart.

        She will not be able to control her feelings whenever she thinks of the good life she had at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

        So the best thing to do would be to let Elaine decide for herself to leave there.

        Don’t look at how happy she is staying at Bedford Hill Correctional Institution, but it is not that difficult to make her decide to leave on her own, all she needs to do is to remove the three female generals from the Man Long shop, and Elaine will surely change her attitude immediately and want to hurry out like crazy.

        Elaine did not know what kind of set-up this good son-in-law of hers had prepared to deal with her.

        To ensure that Charlie wade would allow her to remain at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, during the release time after dinner, Elaine was ready to call Charlie wade again to check on the progress of things.

        At the playground, the Chinese female prison officer saw Elaine and said very politely, “Sister Elaine, what are you doing in such a hurry?”

        Elaine said worriedly, “Why, didn’t the lawyer come at noon today? He told me that my case had been settled and that I would be released tomorrow.”

        “Really?!” The female prison guard said with surprise, “Then congratulations, Sister Elaine, you’ll be able to regain your freedom soon!”

        Elaine waved her hand, “To be honest, I don’t want to go out yet, so I’m going to call my son-in-law and ask him to say hello to the boss of the New York police system and let me stay here for a few more days.”

        The female guard was a little surprised and asked, “Sister Elaine, why are you doing this? Everyone here wants to get out early, why do you want to stay a few more days?”

        Elaine laughed casually and said, “It’s rare to have this opportunity to experience life, so I would like to learn more about it and feel the life in American prisons, so that I can introduce it to my friends when I go back.”

        Although the female prison guard couldn’t understand it, she still said with a very polite smile, “Sister Elaine, I think you are here to experience the hardships of the American people ……”

        As she said that, she suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “It’s especially popular to publish books over here in America, not only writers publish books, some people with special experiences also like to publish books, you shouldn’t be saving up material for your writing, right?”

        Elaine’s eyes lit up and she said, “Gee, that’s a good reason this ……”

        Thinking of this, she hurriedly said to the female prison guard, “Let’s not talk to you first, I’ll hurry to call my son-in-law!”

        On the phone asked him, “Good son-in-law, how is the matter that mum entrusted you to do?”

        She said, thinking of the flash of light just now, she said to Charlie wade: “Right, good son-in-law, mum wants to stay here for a few more days, not just for fun or to make friends, mum also wants to go back and write a book or something, for example, write a book called “Those days I was in jail in America”, to reveal the darkness in American prisons, maybe it will even be a hit!”

        Charlie wade was stunned to hear that, Elaine was writing a book? And reveal the darkness in American prisons? It seemed that she was the darkest one in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, right?

        However, Charlie wade didn’t say anything, he just smiled slightly and said in a very certain tone, “Mom, don’t worry, I’ve already talked to my client, he said he will definitely help you with your connections, so that the New York police won’t release you so soon.”

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