The Real Dragon Chapter 4932

  Elaine has a bitter hatred for Chloe.

        In her opinion, even the old lady Wilson was not as pure as Chloe’s badness.

        Now that she was the boss of the house, she would take double revenge on Chloe.

        Chloe was too angry to say anything, so she got up and went to the bathroom with Jessica to change into clean clothes, and then got down on her knees and scrubbed the floor.

        After a few moments of free movement in the cell, the guards came over and started to take roll call.

        After the roll call, the guard suddenly said, “Chen Zitong, Wang Xinyu and Luo Ying, you three come back after dinner to get ready and pack up your personal belongings, you can do the formalities for your release from prison before noon today.”

        Once the prison guard said this, Elaine’s expression instantly became appalled.

        The three names called by the guard were none other than the three female generals of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, Elaine’s biggest backers at Bedford Hill Correctional Facility.

        Because of the unparalleled fighting power of these three men, no one dared to mess with Elaine at Bedford Hill Correctional Institution.

        Those former jailers who had tried to challenge Elaine’s authority were taught to behave by these three female generals.

        Later on, all the disobedient ones were convinced and scared, and Elaine became the deserving Bedford Hill Ghost.

        But Elaine never imagined that the three main supporters who had made her the Bedford Hills Ghostly Witness would suddenly be released from prison!

        Nervous, she immediately opened her mouth and asked, “What’s going on? They …… They’re getting out of here?”

        The prison guard smiled faintly and nodded, “The defendant in their case has withdrawn the charges, and they can regain their freedom today.”

        With that, she looked at Elaine and said with a smile, “Right, Sister Elaine, I have asked the kitchen to prepare soy milk and doughnuts for you, you can try them later.”

        Elaine was frozen on the spot, how could she be in the mood to eat soybean milk and doughnuts, she was now so scared that her face was blue and white.

        The three female generals were also a little surprised.

        They had been given orders to protect Elaine at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

        So, in their opinion, only when Elaine was released from prison first would it be their turn next.

        But they never thought that they would be released before Elaine.

        The three of them knew very well that they had helped Elaine during this period of time and had built up absolute prestige at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, but at the same time they had also made numerous enemies.

        Because the three of them were by Elaine’s side 24 hours a day, those who had been beaten into submission naturally did not dare to make a move.

        However, if the three of them were to leave the prison first, leaving Elaine alone, then Elaine would still be beaten to death by these vengeful people.

        I’m afraid that Chloe, who was in the same cell, would have killed Elaine!

        She had never dreamed that the change from heaven to hell would come so quickly!

        Chloe, who was on her knees scrubbing the floor, heard this and her whole body immediately shot up.

        She knew very well that Elaine’s protection here came from two main sources, the first of which was these three particularly capable women.

        Secondly, there was the special care she received from the prison guards.

        What really bothers Chloe are the three women who live in the same cell.

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