The Real Dragon Chapter 4934

While the disoriented Elaine was absentmindedly picking at her breakfast in the dining room, the news that the three female generals from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons would be released from prison had spread throughout Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

        Everyone knew that the main reason why Elaine was able to be so dominant at Bedford Hills was because she was surrounded by three Chinese women who were so powerful in combat that they were perverted.

        Now, these three women were suddenly going to be released from prison, and that meant that Elaine would be completely without shelter!

        As a result, many people who had been suppressed and humiliated by Elaine, and even cleaned up by the three female generals of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, began to have a flame of revenge ignited in their hearts.

        All of them were looking forward to giving Elaine a good beating after those three had left, to see if she was still the so-called Bedford Mountain Ghost.

        For this reason, all through breakfast, Elaine could feel the eyes and threats from all sides.

        The panicked Elaine went to the playground to grab a public phone as soon as breakfast was over, got the phone and immediately called Charlie wade.

        When he received Elaine’s call, Charlie wade was not surprised at all and asked with a smile, “Mom, why are you calling me so early? I’ve done all the things you asked me to do yesterday, and I expect the New York police will restore your freedom in a week’s time, so you can spend that time inside catching up with your newfound friends, and by the way, you can also accumulate some material for the book you’re going to write.”

        Elaine forced down her inner fear and blurted out, “Good son-in-law, that …… You’d better tell them to hurry up and let mum out, mum doesn’t want to stay in here anymore ……”

        Charlie wade pretended to be surprised and asked, “Mom, why do you suddenly want to come out again? I’ve just said hello to them here, I’m afraid it’s not good to change again ……”

        When Elaine heard this, she was scared out of her wits, and even her voice was a bit nervous as she begged, “Good son-in-law, please help me think of a way to let mum out as soon as possible, preferably before noon today! Mum really doesn’t want to stay here for a minute!”

        Charlie wade asked in confusion, “Mom, what’s wrong with you? Actually, I think that motivation you had for wanting to write a book yesterday was really great! When your book is finished, once it is published in China, it will also show our compatriots in China the unknown side of America, and maybe it will even win an award!”

        When Elaine saw that Charlie wade had really believed in her own nonsense, she was chagrined, but she didn’t dare to let Charlie wade know the truth, so she could only say, “You know Elaine’s situation, I’m not capable of writing a novel. In case the writing is not good, won’t it make people laugh ……”

        With that, she asked impatiently, “Good son-in-law, can you get mum out today or not? I can’t stay for a minute longer! Please, you must help mum!”

        Charlie wade pretended to be surprised and asked, “Mom, what’s wrong with you? Are you being bullied in there?”

        Elaine originally wanted to go along with Charlie wade’s words and tell him that she had indeed been bullied in prison, believing that this would make Charlie wade take it seriously and get himself out in a hurry.

        If she admitted that she had been bullied in prison now, how could she tell others about her legendary experiences in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in a colorful way in the future?

        Thinking of this, she could only hastily explain, “Mom mainly misses you guys, last night I dreamed of Claire, so early this morning I thought I would hurry to come and give you a call when I had dinner and let off steam, or go out early, go out early so I can see Claire sooner ……”

        The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few days to get a lot more than just a few days.

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