The Real Dragon Chapter 4939

        Elaine said aggrievedly, “I really didn’t think these people could be shameless to such an extent.”

        The woman laughed and said lightly, “What is this …… You have been in America for too short a time, if you had stayed longer, you could have encountered anything.”

        Saying that, she asked Elaine, “Do you know how I got in?”

        Elaine shook her head, bewildered, and asked, “How did you get in?”

        The woman laughed, “Because of selling hairy crabs ……”

        Elaine asked in disbelief, “How can you sell hairy crabs in prison? How can you sell hairy crabs in prison? Or is there a shortage of catties?”

        The woman shook her head, “You don’t know that hairy crabs are an invasive alien species in this part of the United States, and selling them here is essentially against the law.”

        Elaine asked in surprise, “You’re still selling hairy crabs when it’s against the law?”

        The woman smiled bitterly and said, “We used to sell them secretly, and they were sold to our Chinese compatriots. , only traded in Chinese circles, it has always been very safe ……”

        Elaine asked, “If it’s always safe, how can something go wrong?”

        The woman sighed, “I brought in a batch of hairy crabs some time ago and they sold very quickly because they were of good quality and not too expensive, so a Chinese man heard about it and drove quite a distance to buy them, but by the time he arrived they were sold out, so he was angry and called the police, who then arrested me.”

        Elaine was dumbfounded and said out of the blue, “How could this happen?”

        “Yes.” The woman smiled to herself and said, “So like I told you earlier, you must always be on your guard in America and don’t trust just anyone.”

        She lowered her voice and said seriously, “When you helped them out before, I wanted to find a chance to remind you, but I never got to talk to you. They were always overpowered and never got what they wanted.”

        “Later, when they saw that they couldn’t beat each other, they went to you for help, and you had the American woman crippled, so they became the boss.”

        Hearing this, Elaine’s whole body shook with anger and said through clenched teeth, “D*mn, these people are really good actors! They were on their knees crying in front of me saying that the American had been bullying them and didn’t even treat them like human beings, I thought they were really being bullied and felt sorry for them before I helped them ……”

        The woman across the table smiled faintly and said, “Basically, there aren’t many pitiful people who can get in here, most of them deserve what they get! Consider it a lesson learned, and in the future, you should always keep your eyes open when looking at people.”

        Elaine was angry and regretful, but now she knew that there was no point in regretting, so she asked the woman, “Why are you telling me this?”

        The woman said indifferently, “I think you are not a bad person, you are a bit crazy, but at least you have some conscience, otherwise you would not have helped them for no reason, so I thought I would remind you.”

        Elaine was so ashamed that she choked up and said, “If I had known they were so shameless, I wouldn’t have reached out to them even if they had died in front of me!”

        Said Elaine, lamenting, “If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn’t have been so high profile if I had been killed …… Now in the whole Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, I don’t know how many people want to get me killed, I’m really afraid I won’t live to see the day ……”

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