The Real Dragon Chapter 4950

        As soon as he saw Charlie wade, Li Yalin arched his hand to him full of respect and said respectfully, “Young Master Wade, we meet again!”

        Charlie wade smiled slightly, pointed to the sofa in front of him and said, “Please have a seat, Inspector Li, didn’t you leave more than a week for you to reunite with your family in Houston? How come you’re ready to go to Syria so soon?”

        Li Yalin smiled to himself and sighed, “My daughter and son-in-law are busy looking at cars and houses every day, so they don’t have much time for me, and I don’t want to waste time in Houston, so I plan to go to Syria first to meet with the live person you caught last time and find out the details.”

        When Charlie wade saw that Li Yalin looked a bit forlorn, he smiled and said, “Inspector Li, people have seven emotions and six desires, and materialistic desires are one of the most important ones, people work hard to earn money and want a better life, and materialistic desires account for at least half of it. “

        “Yes ……” Li Yalin sighed lightly and nodded helplessly, he also knew that Charlie wade was right, but there was still inevitably some disappointment in his heart.

        Charlie wade advised him, and then digressed and opened his mouth to ask: “Detective Li, have you thought of where you want to use as an entry point to investigate that mysterious organization this time? According to the statement I got before, this mysterious organisation’s information protection is extremely tight, so I’m afraid it won’t be that easy to find clues about them.”

        Li Yalin said seriously, “I have carefully considered this issue in the past few days. This kind of secrecy can be said to be unheard of ……”

        The first thing I can do is to find a way to investigate where that group of dead soldiers are stationed in the seven continents, and then find a way to further refine it after we lock in on which specific state.”

        Charlie wade sighed, “I’m afraid it’s not even that simple to try to determine which of the seven continents they are in, after all, this group of dead soldiers have been in the dark for so many years, they haven’t even found any clues themselves,.”

        Li Yalin said with a clear mind, “As long as the one you catch alive is cooperative enough and has a good enough memory, then there is a chance that I can lock out the approximate range with him.”

        Saying that, he further explained, “Young Master Wade, no matter how hidden they are hidden, they cannot escape the effects of a major geological disaster, and if an earthquake occurs, they will definitely feel it, and every detectable earthquake that occurs in this world is clearly recorded by the relevant authorities.”

        “So, the problem now is that they must remember how many earthquakes that can be felt have occurred, but the problem is that they don’t have an accurate timeline, nor do they have any outside information to corroborate it.”

        As he said that, he took out a printed document from his bag and handed it to Charlie wade, saying, “Young Master Wade, this is the statistics I have compiled in the past two days on the major natural disasters that have occurred around the world in the last twenty years, with severe tsunamis, earthquakes and typhoons being the main ones. many, it will help me find their approximate location.”

        Charlie wade asked tentatively, “Is it like the so-called communication base station positioning?”

        “That’s right!” Li Yalin said with a heavy nod, “That’s what it means! Every time they correspond to a major disaster, their range can be narrowed down to a certain extent, if they can correspond to the great Indonesian tsunami, then it proves that the area they are in is within the coverage of the Indonesian tsunami, if they can also correspond to the Japanese tsunami in 11 years, then the area they are in is in the overlapping part of the coverage of the two tsunamis, in this way, the more clues they find, the more accurate the positioning will be. “

        Charlie wade couldn’t help but praise, “Inspector Li is really a Chinese detective known throughout the United States, this kind of solution can be thought of, it seems like it should only be a matter of time before you find out their exact whereabouts!”

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