The Real Dragon Chapter 4953

  Under the leadership of Wan Bajun, Li Yalin arrived at the core area of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple here.

        The so-called core area was a four-square-kilometre central area right in the centre of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple’s base.

        Although the base was not yet completed, high walls had already been erected in the core area, and inside the walls were a large number of frame buildings of different heights.

        These framed buildings are modular units procured from China by the Dragon Palace, which can be put into use in the shortest possible time after rapid a*sembly.

        However, these buildings are only temporary and will be gradually dismantled and eliminated once the permanent base is completed.

        Wan Bajun led Li Yalin to a six-storey building, where the rapid renovation of the interior of the building had already been completed, and although the outside was still a hot construction site, there was basically no sign of construction inside.

        A few minutes later, Li Yalin met Five-Four-Seven, who had lost his arms and legs, on the top floor of this building.

        During this period of time, Five-Four-Seven had become the tactical guide of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall. Although he had lost his arms and legs, he still taught the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall the various formations he had mastered when he was a dead soldier, so that it was as if the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had opened the door to a new world and had mastered many flexible tactics that they had never seen before.

        In order to study how to break the tactics of these dead soldiers, Wan Bajun arranged for a number of senior officers of Wan Long Hall to work with Five Four Seven to study ways of restraining the tactics of the dead soldiers.

        In order to ensure that Five-Four-Seven’s secrets would not be leaked, only the top bra*s of the Dragon Hall were allowed to set foot in this building, and Five-Four-Seven himself never left the building.

        At this moment, Five-Four-Seven was communicating and discussing tactics with a few instructors from the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple. Wan Bajun invited the others out, then invited Li Yalin in and said to Five-Four-Seven, “Little Five, this is Inspector Li, who was invited by Mr Wade to investigate that mysterious organisation behind you. I hope you can cooperate well with Inspector Li and tell him all the information you know. “

        When Five-Four-Seven saw Li Yalin, his whole body was as appalled as if he had seen a ghost!

        He had not heard of Li Yalin’s great name, nor did he know his origin and background, but he remembered Li Yalin’s face and remembered that when he went to a*sa*sinate the An family, the first thing he saw when the lift doors opened was this Li Yalin in front of him.

        At that time, he was even the first person to shoot at Li Yalin.

        Therefore, he knew very well how many shots Li Yalin had taken at that time, and could also conclude that there was no way that Li Yalin would have any chance of surviving.

        Because of this, when he saw Li Yalin’s familiar yet unfamiliar face, his entire body panicked to the extreme.

        Li Yalin also knew that this man was the culprit who had nearly killed himself in the first place, but he didn’t get angry, he just smiled slightly and said, “Seeing this surprised look on your face, you must still remember me, right?”

        Five-four-seven was stunned and couldn’t help but say i: “This …… How is this possible …… At that time …… At that time that person …… was you?!”

        Li Yalin smiled blandly and said, “If the person you are talking about is the one who was beaten into a hornet’s nest by you at the lift door, then I can tell you in charge that it was me.”

        “But …… But that’s not logical ……” Five-Four-Seven said doubtfully, “You were shot so many times that your body died right then and there, it was clearly impossible to save it ……”

        Li Yalin nodded and said seriously, “I was bound to die, but fortunately there was Mr. Wade, so I came back to life.”

        “Mr. Wade ……” Five-Four-Seven instantly remembered Charlie wade’s amazing strength, and that Charlie wade was able to break the poison that had comforted him for more than thirty years with a snap of his fingers, and then he thought of how Li Yalin looked at that time when he was hit by dozens of shots in the end, and his heart was even more impressed with Charlie wade.

        So, he was ashamed to say, “Inspector Li, I have offended you much for what happened at the beginning, please forgive me ……”

        Li Yalin nodded and said blandly, “You were also following orders, it’s understandable.”

        Five-Four-Seven sighed in relief and hurriedly added, “Inspector Li, whatever questions you have, as long as I know, I will know everything and say everything.”

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