Always Been Yours Chapter 1023

At this moment, she hated Wen Shiyu to death inside.

This b*tch was simply her nemesis.

“No, I can’t just sit here and wait for death.”

She gritted her teeth and quickly spun her brain, quickly coming up with an idea.

Only she picked up the phone on her bedside table and dialed a number out.

“Eunice, let’s talk.”

“…… I don’t remember me having a conversation with you.”

Eunice’s rambunctious voice came over the phone.

Susan sneered, “Really? Then it looks like I’ll just have to go talk to Wen Shiyu.”

Just as she was about to hang up the phone, Eunice’s gritted teeth came out of her ear again.


“Then I’ll wait for you at the hospital, and if you don’t come in half an hour, I’ll have to go find Wen Shiyu.”

With those words, Susan hung up the phone straight away.

In less than half an hour, Eunice appeared in the ward, her face not looking too good.

“Say, what did you call me over for?”

She looked at Susan with a condescending look.

Susan didn’t bother with nonsense and got straight to the point: “You did the lifting of the stage, didn’t you, and you bribed the master operator to plant me, didn’t you?”

Although the words were a question, the tone was very certain.

Eunice’s eyes flashed and she warned righteously, “Susan, don’t you dare slander anyone here or I could sue you for libel.”

“Heh, you know very well in your heart whether I have slandered or not.”

Susan stared at Eunice with a baleful gaze.

Eunice was looking at her heart and felt like she was being targeted by a poisonous snake.

Even so, she refused to admit it and continued to play dumb, “What am I clear about? Wasn’t it you who was jealous of Wen Shiyu and deliberately drugged Wen Shiyu’s cosmetics, and worried that the drug wasn’t potent enough, so you bribed the operation master to create a stage accident.”


Susan was furious and directly exploded, “The stage incident was obviously designed by you, you were worried that Wen Shiyu and the others would find out and ruin your reputation, just as my incident was found out, you wanted to plant the blame on me and let me take the blame for you, I tell you, want me to take the blame for you, no way!”

Eunice looked at the exasperated woman in front of her and her heart, which had been a little uneasy, relaxed.

She felt that this woman had only guessed the truth and had not found out any evidence.

At that moment, she contemptuously hooked her lips, “Talking is about evidence, you have no evidence, these are all slanders you have made against me.”

Looking at Eunice who was so dead set on denying the truth, Susan hated her teeth.

In a whirl, her beautiful eyes turned and an idea came to her mind.

“Who said I don’t have any proof, I have found the proof and it’s in my father’s hands, otherwise how do you think I dare to confront you like this?”

She lifted her chin and looked at Eunice with a sneer as she continued, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it now, the police will be at the door soon anyway, and I know why you’re doing this, aren’t you just trying to get Feng Shenye.”

At these words, Eunice immediately changed her face, her expression clouding over.

Seeing this, Susan half narrowed her eyes and became more and more certain that this woman had done what happened on the stage!

There was a brief silence in the sickroom.

A moment pa*sed before the sound of Eunice’s voice, almost squeezed out of her teeth, rang out.

“What do you want?”

“What I want is all up to you to choose.”

Susan knew the woman was admitting it and curled her lips in triumph, “I can do it without exposing you and I know you don’t like Wen Shiyu, as it happens, I don’t like this woman either, I think we can join forces and get rid of her together, but only if ……”

She deliberately paused and looked at Eunice.

Eunice didn’t look too good as she pursued the question, “On what premise?”

“The premise is that you have to vacate the second regiment for me when my hands are good.”

Susan knew very well that there was no chance of her staying in the Sixth Regiment after this, so she had to find the best way back for herself.

Eunice naturally thought of this too and frowned, “It’s not up to me.”

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