Always Been Yours Chapter 1024

“Whether it’s up to you or not, I don’t care, it’s your business and you’re responsible for fixing it.”

As if she was sure of Eunice, Susan laughed softly, “In short, to lose your reputation or to preserve me, you choose one yourself.”

“You threaten me?!”

Eunice was furious, her beautiful eyes seemed to be eating people, staring at Susan with fire.

Susan was not afraid and adjusted a comfortable position to sit at the head of the bed, indifferently saying, “Whatever you think is right, I only look at the result anyway.”

In the end Eunice had no choice but to hold her anger and leave the ward.

Walking out of the hospital, she looked very bad.

Especially when she thought of Susan’s threatening face in the ward just now, she felt like her lungs were going to explode.

In all her life, she had never been threatened like that before!

“b*tch, b*tch, both of them are b*tches!”

She kicked the car door with her foot in anger.

All around her, pa*sers-by dodged in fear at her hideous face.

After a few moments of venting, Eunice calmed down, but her face was still grim.

This Susan was surprisingly uncomplicated!

After a moment of contemplation, she drove away.

Meanwhile, in the detention centre, Xu Yan was also talking to the operation master.

“Our president said that as long as you reveal the mastermind behind the curtain, we can get you out, otherwise for the rest of your life, you can only stay in here.”

Hearing these words, the operation master was scared for a moment, but remained silent.

Seeing this, Xu Yan seemed to have thought of something and sneered with half-smiled eyes, “What, do you think that the man behind you can save you from getting out? I advise you not to be delusional, as long as our president gives the order, no one will dare to let you out!”

“Impossible, she said she would get me out!”

The operation master finally reacted, but after the words were said, he regretted it.

He was not beating himself up.

As if he didn’t see the chagrin on his face, Xu Yan hooked his lips and continued to entice, “Will she or won’t she, we can wait and see, but I have to remind you that the only chance you have to save yourself is this one, think about whether you’ll spend the rest of your life in a prison cell or have the chance to get out and start over ?”

“I want to get out!”

Finally, the operation master made his choice.

Half an hour later, Xu Yan returned to the company with his findings.

He went straight to Feng Shenye’s office and knocked on the door to enter.

“President, the master who operated the stage has confessed.”

“Who was behind it?”

Feng Shenye immediately put down the work he was doing and looked over.

Xu Yan reported truthfully, “It was the a*sistant beside Eunice, but after I investigated, this a*sistant doesn’t have any grudges against the young lady, so I guess it should be on Eunice’s orders.”

After hearing Xu Yan’s words, Feng Shenye’s face suddenly turned gloomy.

This was really a result he had not expected.

There was also this Eunice, who had repeatedly opposed his wife, but he had never counted on it, yet he had never expected that this woman would have such a malicious mind.

Xu Yan felt the fierce aura emanating from his own president’s body and knew that he was completely furious.

He cautiously asked, “What should we do next, should we call the police or?”

Feng Shenye thought for a moment and waved his hand, “Leave the rest to me, you go out and work.”

After all, this matter was related to Wen Shiyu’s future relationship in the band, so he had to handle it properly.

After waiting for the people to leave, he pondered for a moment and picked up the mobile phone on his desk to make an appointment to see Sofia.

Later in the evening, the two met at a cafe.

When Sofia saw Feng Shenye, she opened the door and said, “On the phone just now, Mr Feng said that he had found out who was behind the stage, who was it?”

“Your second apprentice, Eunice.”

Feng Shenye spat out these three words as cold as ice.

Sofia was shocked, “Impossible!”

She subconsciously retorted, not believing that her student would do such a vicious thing.

Feng Shenye was not surprised by her performance and sneered, “Why is it impossible? Do you know this student of yours?”

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