Always Been Yours Chapter 1026

“That’s a smear on his part! I didn’t seek him out!”

Eunice was shocked, not realising that it was this master operator who had betrayed her, and hated her guts.

But the important thing at the moment was to clear this matter away from herself.

“Teacher, I’ve been with you for almost twenty years, don’t you know clearly what kind of person I am? This kind of illegal thing, I ……”

“That’s enough!”

Sofia didn’t wait for Eunice to finish her sentence, she interrupted sternly, “Since I found you, naturally I investigated this matter clearly before coming, don’t think I don’t know that little mind of yours, you have interest in someone Feng, but he is already married, how can you still be so shameless, and even do such harmful things!”

Hearing these words, Eunice knew it was useless to argue any further, so she simply admitted it.

“So what if I did it, Wen Shiyu is not worthy of a man as distinguished as Mr. Feng at all.”

“How do you have the face to say such words, where is your family education?”

Seeing such an unrepentant Eunice, Sofia was so angry that her chest rose and fell, and she gritted her teeth, “I now order you to come with me and apologise to your little sister immediately!”

“I won’t go!”

Now that she had torn her face, Eunice was also broken and retorted, “You are only teaching me music, just a music teacher, not a teacher who teaches me to be a human being, who is qualified to order me to apologise?”

Sofia was furious as she didn’t expect the student she had poured her heart and soul into training to just treat her as an ordinary music teacher.

“Even if I, as a music teacher, am not qualified to order you, how can you not apologise when you have now harmed the reputation of the orchestra because of what you have done?!”

Sofia glared at Eunice in full fury, “I am now in a position to order you as the supreme head of Sofia’s orchestra, that’s always enough qualification, right?!”


Eunice was too gagged to retort.

Indeed, she could disobey her teacher, but she couldn’t disobey the head of the orchestra.

But asking her to apologize to that b*tch Wen Shiyu, she couldn’t do it.

She stared at the enraged Sofia in front of her and suddenly had an idea in her mind and questioned back, “Why are you so protective of this woman Wen Shiyu, she’s only been here for how long, even if I’ve done something wrong, it’s fine for you to punish me, why should I go and apologise to this woman, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pursuing someone you like.”

Seeing such an oily Eunice, Sofia was vomiting blood with anger and was even more heartbroken.

Apparently Eunice did not see through her own intentions at all, and even felt that she was biased towards Wen Shiyu.

But she didn’t even think about why she wanted her to apologise.

If Wen Shiyu really pursued this matter, her career would be over.

Sofia was so disappointed that she wasn’t going to rub it in to Eunice’s face.

She knew that no matter what she said at this moment, Eunice would not listen to her.

“Originally I was planning to reconcile the relationship between you and Tokyu, but now it seems that there is no need for that, so I hope you won’t regret it afterwards.”

With those words, she turned around and left.

Back in her office, Sofia suppressed the fire in her heart and took out her mobile phone to call Feng Shenye.

“Are things taken care of?”

Feng Shenye’s cold voice came out of the phone.

Sofia took a deep breath and told the truth about what had just happened, “Eunice admitted that she instructed the operation master, originally I wanted her to apologize to Shiyu, but she ……”

The latter words, although she did not say it, but Feng Shenye also guessed.

It’s just that Feng Shenye didn’t care for Eunice’s apology.

“Even if she agrees to apologize, I won’t accept it, and I won’t let go of anyone who wants to hurt my wife and children!”

After finishing his words, he hung up the phone straight away.

When he returned that evening, Wen Shiyu noticed that Feng Shenye did not look very well and said with concern, “What’s wrong, you look like you are in a bad mood.”

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