Always Been Yours Chapter 1027

Feng Shenye lowered his eyes and met the worried look on his young wife’s face.

He thought for a moment, intending to inform Wen Shiyu of what Eunice had done, “The mastermind behind this matter of the stage was found.”

Wen Shiyu was surprised and hurriedly asked after him, “Who is it?”


Feng Shenye spat out these three words coldly.

Wen Shiyu was a little stunned, “How could it be her?”

She had never thought in a million years that this whole planning was caused by Eunice.

“Why would she treat me like this, do I have any deep hatred with her?”

She looked sideways at Feng Shenye in disbelief.

Feng Shenye had some thoughts in his heart, half squinting his eyes, “Maybe it’s jealousy, after all, a woman can do anything when she gets jealous.”

Hearing these words, Wen Shiyu also remembered the matter of Eunice coveting her husband, and her face suddenly turned a bit gloomy.

This woman had not died yet, and even wanted to get rid of herself and her child, it was simply heartless and unforgivable.

Little Bao’er also heard the conversation between the two, very angry ran to Feng Shenye waving his fist milking fiercely and saying, “Daddy, this bad aunt wants to hurt mommy and her sister, we can’t let her go, we have to make her be punished!”

“Don’t worry, daddy won’t let her get away with it.”

Feng Shenye’s eyes were dark as he promised.

In response, Wen Shiyu didn’t say anything.

Although she was good-tempered, it did not mean that she could tolerate people provoking themselves again and again.

The next day, since the truth had come out, Wen Shiyu took Little Bao’er to the orchestra training.

Unexpectedly, just as they entered the door, they met Eunice face to face.

Wen Shiyu’s face turned gloomy.

Eunice’s face wasn’t much better.

Originally, she was going to ignore it and just leave, but she was stopped by Wen Shiyu.

“Second senior sister, don’t you have anything you want to say to me?”

“What do you want me to say?”

Eunice turned around and looked at Wen Shiyu with contempt.

Wen Shiyu was so angry at her attitude that she did not know she was wrong, so she went forward and slapped and incited her.

Eunice was directly knocked out.

The other band members around her were also taken aback by this sudden turn of events.

When she reacted, Eunice covered her face and stared viciously at Wen Shiyu, “b*tch, how dare you hit me!”

“If you can do such a shameless thing, why wouldn’t I dare to hit you?”

Wen Shiyu disliked back without any fear, “I think I am usually polite to you, even if sometimes you deliberately pick a fight, I don’t bother with you, but you should never have hit my child, you should be lucky that I am not the one who is injured on the stage this time, otherwise I will definitely not let you go!”

When these words came out, there was an uproar all around.

“Just now, Little Sister’s words mean that this stage accident was the work of Head Eunice?”

“That’s what I heard too, oh my god, why would Head Eunice do that?”

“That’s too vicious.”

Eunice panicked as she heard the words of the surrounding crowd.

At that moment, Karen came in from outside and saw the image of the two confronting each other, and with the talk around them, got a general idea of what was going on.

“Younger sister, is this some kind of misunderstanding, there’s no way the second senior sister would do something like this.”

He stepped forward to persuade Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu sank her face and said in a cold voice, “Little senior brother, you don’t need to persuade me, if there was no substantial evidence, I would never say that!”

Hearing these words, Karen froze, followed by a disbelieving look at Eunice.

“So, you really did the stage thing?”

Eunice’s eyes flickered as she was looked at in disbelief.

Seeing this, what else did Karen not understand, her face instantly turned ugly, “Second senior sister, why are you doing this, where did junior sister offend you?!”

Looking at Junior Sister who helped Wen Shiyu crusade against herself, Eunice was also furious.

“I just don’t like her, her very existence is an offense to me, she is obviously inferior to me in every way, why should she live a happier life than me?!”

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