Always Been Yours Chapter 1029

Wen Shiyu didn’t hold back and gave a general account of what happened.

After hearing it, Simon was angry and felt unlike it.

“In the past, I saw that this Eunice’s heart was not right, but your teacher valued her talent, plus she had already taken on apprentices, so I couldn’t say anything, and now that something like this has happened, I have to make your teacher break off the relationship with her no matter what I say, otherwise your teacher is afraid that she will be late because of her.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t know what to say and was silent.

Seeing her bad face, Simon thought that this incident should have scared her too, and comforted her, “Don’t forget this matter in your heart, your teacher will definitely give you an explanation.”

That evening, perhaps because the matter was settled, Wen Shiyu was in a much better mood.

Only before she rested for the night, she suddenly remembered something and looked at Feng Shenye worriedly, “I remember that Eunice’s family is well off, will she be released soon?”

She hoped that those who did wrong would be duly punished, and not rely on their family background to escape responsibility.

Feng Shenye understood what she meant and took the person into his arms, saying softly, “Don’t worry, with me, she will be punished as she deserves.”


The next day, as soon as Feng Shenye entered the company, he called Xu Yan to ask him about the progress of the police.

“Has Eunice’s charge been finalised yet?”

“That hasn’t been done yet.”

Xu Yan answered truthfully.

Feng Shenye frowned, his face clearly displeased, and questioned, “What’s going on?”

“It’s Walter’s side that has been trying to get Eunice out, and has heard that a lot of connections have been sought, hence the delay in convicting the police.”

Xu Yan told what he knew.

Without surprise, Feng Shenye’s face turned gloomy.

He had underestimated this Walter.

“Didn’t Susan’s hand break, didn’t they take any action over there?”

“That’s not true.”

Xu Yan shook his head, then suddenly understood the president’s meaning, “Do you want Susan’s side to sue Eunice as well?”

Feng Shenye didn’t deny it and said coldly, “At least she’s the victim, she should also be allowed to take it out on her, shouldn’t she?”

“This is also true, if Susan also sued Eunice, even if Walter is good, want to save Eunice is not so easy, just …… things have happened for so long, Susan’s side have not reacted, afraid that has been Walter looking for, should not have action again, right. ”

Xu Yan put his thoughts out.

Feng Shenye, however, did not think so, “Then find a way to solve it, I will only look at the results.”

“Understood, I’ll go do it now.”

Xu Yan nodded his head and led the order to leave.

Later that afternoon, Susan was walking in the hospital garden when a pair of family members’ chat caught her attention.

“Did you hear that Eunice was caught and refused to confess.”

“If the evidence isn’t overwhelming, why isn’t she admitting guilt?”

“Who made people have a good father, I hear they’ve dragged in a lot of connections and are almost out.”

“Really? Didn’t they say someone was injured in this incident? No one was held criminally responsible?”

“I heard that the one who was injured was just a minor musician in the band.

“That’s true.”

Susan’s face darkened as she heard this.

How could she possibly be afraid of that stupid woman Eunice!

Just as she was about to go over and scold those two for not talking nonsense, the sound of conversation rang in her ears again.

“I’m telling you, this Eunice is not your average arrogant person, thanks to her family history.”

“How so?”

“Didn’t I just say that she refused to confess at the police station, and you know how she tried to push herself off the charge? She said that the injured musician ran himself into her gun and deserved what happened, it had nothing to do with her.”

Susan was furious when she heard this.

“How dare this b*tch say I deserved it, just you wait!”

Susan gritted her teeth and turned to leave the garden, still cursing on her lips, “Still trying to get out, I’ll make sure you can’t get out!”

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