Always Been Yours Chapter 1028

Wen Shiyu laughed at her shameless words.

At this moment, where she still can’t see this woman’s thoughts, suddenly disgusted.

“Being a mistress as you are so justified, this is the first time I have seen it, there are so many men in the world, you don’t like them, you like coveting other people’s husbands so much?”

She scolded Eunice angrily.

Probably too emotional, she paused after finishing to change her breath before continuing coldly, “This matter, I will not make it easy, there will be the law to talk to you!”

With those words, she turned to leave.

Later in the evening, when the police did come to the orchestra.

They approached Eunice directly and demanded, “You have been charged with buying a murder, please come with us.”

“I’m not leaving, if there’s anything you want to do, you talk to my lawyer!”

Eunice resisted the law enforcement officers.

Unfortunately, the officers didn’t care whether she agreed or not and simply took the person away.

As she left, the matter was also making a lot of noise in the orchestra, and everyone was talking about it.

“I didn’t expect Head Eunice to do such a thing, and now that she’s been taken away by the police, I’m afraid she won’t be easily released.”

“I don’t feel sure, Headmistress Eunice’s family is still quite powerful in Vienna I hear.”

“Whether or not they can be released, I think Head of Eunice’s future is kind of ruined.”

“If you ask me, it’s still lucky that Little Sister went to the hospital at the time because of her allergies, otherwise this would have fallen and probably killed two people in one body.”

There was a lot of discussion among the crowd.

Wen Shiyu also heard about Eunice being taken away in the training room and thought about it and went to Sofia’s office.

When Sofia saw her, she immediately collected her emotions and said with concern, “Why did you come over, is something wrong?”

Seeing her teacher’s strong face, Wen Shiyu’s heart felt very uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry teacher, I didn’t expect things to get this big.”

She lowered her head and apologised.

Sofia waved her hand and sighed, “This has nothing to do with you, it’s entirely your second senior sister who is to blame.”

At the same time, Susan received the news and knew that Eunice had been taken away by the police and her face was gloomy.

She had not expected that this woman would fall so quickly.

Now it seemed that the deal they had struck before was no longer valid.

Then again, she felt that with Feng Shenye intervening in this matter, things would definitely not end so quickly.

In fact, this was indeed the case.

At the police station, the lawyer sent by Feng Shenye demanded that Eunice be convicted straight away.

But Eunice refused to investigate, telling the police to wait until her lawyer arrived.

An hour later, Walter arrived at the police station in a hurry with his lawyer.

Once inside, he immediately approached the officer in charge of the case, handed him a good cigar and said with a smile, “There must be a misunderstanding in this matter, my daughter is normally as well-behaved as can be, there is no way she would do something like buy a murder.”

“But the injured party has clear evidence that your daughter bought the murder.”

The officer refused the cigar Walter offered and went over the case in a businesslike manner.

Walter listened, annoyed as hell at Eunice.

He had told her not to mess with Feng Shenye, but his daughter had not only ignored his words, she had made such a big mess.

Even so, he could not really leave his daughter alone.

In the end, he gave up his old face and said nicely to the police, “I know this injured party, can you see if we can make a private settlement?”

The police officer, to Walter’s credit, said that he would ask for help.

But Feng Shenye refused to settle the case and demanded that the legal process be followed.

As a result, the case was deadlocked.


On the other hand, after the training, Wen Shiyu went to Simon’s house to record a tune.

Simon had also heard about Eunice in the circle and called Wen Shiyu for confirmation.

“I just heard that Eunice was arrested and said she was the culprit of the stage accident?”

“She did it, she bribed the operation master first, probably because she was afraid of being found out, plus it just happened to be the time when Susan’s story came out and was planted on Susan.”

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