Always Been Yours Chapter 1032

“Miss Simon, I’m a bit uneasy about my teacher, can I take time off to visit her in the orchestra?”

After all, the relationship of almost twenty years, the teacher here said to break it off at once, I’m afraid it will be very bad mood.

Simon was actually not very relieved either.

His thoughts coincided with Wen Shiyu’s, so in the end, he simply let it go, “Go back and take a look, if anything happens, call me anytime.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head and turned to leave.

When she returned to the regiment, she went straight to the teacher’s office and found that several other senior brothers and sisters were also there.

“Little senior sister is here.”

The others greeted Wen Shiyu when they saw her.

Wen Shiyu responded politely one by one, then walked up to Sofia and said with concern, “Are you alright, teacher?”

Meeting the girl’s genuinely worried eyes, Sofia’s originally sullen and cold face softened a little.

“Teacher is fine, what brings you here, didn’t you say you were going to record a tune over at Simon’s today?”

“Seeing the news on the internet, teacher Simon and I were both uneasy about you, so we came over just to check on you.”

Wen Shiyu answered truthfully and also relayed the worry for Simon.

Sofia was relieved.

The other teachers and sisters also laughed and said, “With us here, we won’t let anything happen to teacher.”

At this time, Sofia seemed to have thought of something and admonished Wen Shiyu, “Be careful when you go out these days, or else don’t come to the orchestra for a while, Eunice is a narrow-minded person, she just came out today and made such a big fuss, she will definitely retaliate against you afterwards.”

Wen Shiyu felt that this was indeed something Eunice could do, and agreed.

After all, she couldn’t be that lucky to avoid the reckoning every time, and she couldn’t gamble with her life and that of her children.


On the other hand, Eunice also saw the statement Sofia posted online cutting off her relationship and her whole body exploded in anger.

“How can she do this to me, this old woman?!”

She gritted her teeth and went straight to the orchestra with a furious look on her face.

In the orchestra, when the others saw Eunice coming, they exchanged pleasantries and talked.

“Why is she here in the orchestra, didn’t Elder Sofia expel her from the orchestra?”

“I’m not sure, let’s follow and see.”

With that, quite a few people followed behind Eunice.

Eunice naturally knew about it, but she just ignored it and rushed into Sofia’s office regardless, chopping her head off and questioning her.

“Do you have to do this to me for this woman Wen Shiyu, that operation master has confessed all his sins, I have done nothing to harm anyone, who are you to throw me out of the orchestra?!”

Sofia’s face was very ugly when she saw Eunice who suddenly barged in.

But what made her even more furious was that at this point Eunice still refused to admit her mistake.

“You know very well in your own heart whether you have done those things or not!”

She confronted Eunice with a stern look in her eyes and said in a stern voice, “I don’t care what tactics you used to get out, but I won’t keep someone of your tainted character in the band anymore, because your presence will only harm the band!”

“Who has a tainted character, you’re a slander!”

Eunice’s voice was shrill and harsh as she became hysterical in her non-acceptance.

Sofia frowned, not wanting to waste time arguing with Eunice, and simply called for security and told them to ask Eunice out.

Eunice was expelled from the band, and the scene, which happened to be captured by the media who were crouching outside, was quickly put on the internet.

[The former head of Sophia’s second orchestra, now no longer shining]

What broke the relationship between the former teacher and disciple of twenty years]

Once these press releases came out, the internet was again abuzz with controversy.

“I thought Eunice was acquitted, so why did Master Sofia expel her?”

“It feels like something is not simple.”

“It’s clear that Sofia is biased towards her young apprentice, our idol is too pitiful.”

“Is Sofia so old and confused that she can’t tell right from wrong, what did our idol do wrong?”

The comments were both good and bad.

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