Always Been Yours Chapter 1033

The most vitriolic comments were those of Eunice’s fans.

And word of this incident quickly spread throughout the industry.

Originally, when Eunice was released, many people thought that maybe Eunice had really been wronged and had been aggrieved.

But with Sofia breaking off the relationship between master and disciple, and even expelling the person from the band, the matter became intriguing.

Many people are wondering what the truth of the matter is.

It’s not that they don’t want to ask Sofia about it, but they know that they’re not in a position to ask about such personal matters.

Of course, Sofia’s usual friends had no such concerns and rushed to the orchestra to offer their condolences.

When confronted by her friends, Sofia did not hide anything.

“I used to think that Eunice was just a little flawed in her character, but her personality was fine, but I never thought that I had misjudged her, she was so vicious.”

She gave a general account of what had happened, and her close friends were supportive.

“You’re right to do this, Eunice isn’t too young now at this age, getting her to change her character is impossible, if she stays in the band it’s a small matter to affect the band, it’s a bigger matter if it ruins your reputation for the rest of your life.”

“And she’s not the only one of your students, others will be affected more or less as well.”

Listening to her friends, Sofia nodded her head in agreement, “I think so too, these days, several orchestra performances have been suspended because of her scandal.”

At the same time, the online public opinion was still fermenting and the heat was not letting up.

Many media reporters also smelled that the matter was not simple and, like Sherlock Holmes detectives, launched an in-depth investigation.

But, to their surprise, their investigation led to an intriguing piece of news.

That evening, one of the oldest media outlets took the information it had gathered, combined it with previous events, compiled it and posted it online.

[This is probably why Sofia-senpai broke off her relationship with Eunice].

The approximate content is that the stage operation master’s back and forth statements are inconsistent and very insider.

When this news came out, it immediately caught the attention of many netizens who were concerned about this matter.

“I bet this stage operator was either bribed or threatened, otherwise how could he overturn his previous statements.”

“As long as one is not blind, one can see that.”

“So the truth of the matter is that Eunice engineered the stage accident but didn’t admit her fault and had someone find a way to buy off the operations master to help take her place, and Senior Sofia couldn’t see it, but had no way to stop it before breaking off the relationship.”

A netizen summed up the truth of the matter, which was agreed by many netizens.

As a result, Eunice’s already half-destroyed reputation became even more wretched.

In the evening, when Feng Shenye returned home, he saw Wen Shiyu sitting on the sofa with her phone out of focus.

“What are you thinking about, so engrossed.”

He walked over and naturally took her in his arms, but out of the corner of his eye, he swept the news on his phone screen.

It was the news that Eunice had been released during the day.

Wen Shiyu rubbed against his chest and didn’t hide it, saying, “I was wondering if Eunice came out and really bought or threatened that stage operation master, as the internet said.”

When Feng Shenye heard this, he half narrowed his eyes, “Don’t think so much, I will solve this matter.”

Wen Shiyu naturally believed Feng Shenye, so she quickly changed the subject and asked if Feng Shenye was tired.

The two of them warmed up a bit, and little Bao’er also worked down last night.

After the family had a warm meal, Wen Shiyu took Little Treasure out to eat in the garden.

Feng Shenye, on the other hand, went to the study because Xu Yan was coming over.

In the study, Feng Shenye waited for Xu Yan to finish his report and asked, “How is the investigation of Eunice’s father and daughter that you were asked to investigate during the day?”

“I haven’t found anything yet.”

Xu Yan answered truthfully.

It turned out that when Eunice was released, Feng Shenye had instructed Xu Yan to investigate what was going on.

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