Always Been Yours Chapter 1044

“Missy, there’s five million in here, the chairman is in a precarious situation, so save your money out there.”

He took out a bank card and admonished Eunice.

Eunice didn’t look too good as she took it, but ultimately said nothing, “If there’s any news from my daddy’s side, you remember to inform me immediately.”

The a*sistant nodded.

Eunice then prepared to board the plane to leave, but unexpectedly happened at that moment.

It turned out that Xu Yan had been standing guard here with his men long ago, and as soon as Eunice appeared, he was immediately arrested.

“Who are you people, let go of me!”

Eunice struggled and shouted, but to no avail.

The a*sistant also tried to come over to save her, but was stopped by the other bodyguards.

At this time Xu Yan walked out with a cold smile, “I advise Miss Eunice not to struggle.”

“It’s you!”

Eunice recognised Xu Yan.

However, Xu Yan did not want to talk to her and ordered his bodyguards to take her to the police station.

Eunice was once again arrested and taken to the police station, and soon the story was discovered by the media who had been watching her.

Together with Walter’s arrest, these people immediately smelled something unusual and investigated further.

The following day, the stage event, which had fallen silent on the internet, broke out again in scandal.

[Shocker! In order for Eunice to escape criminal responsibility, her father kidnapped and intimidated an accomplice to take the blame]

When this news broke, it shocked the entire internet.

“This Eunice, really makes …… a statement.”

“I’ve seen shameless ones, but I’ve never seen anyone as shameless and without a moral bottom line as her.”

“And that Walter, your child is a child now, is someone else’s child gra*s?”

In a flash, all netizens were crusading against Eunice’s father and daughter.

There were also netizens who ate Twelve Zaian and mocked in various ways.

“I’m just curious, now that we don’t have the lead concert, are you guys going to open the sunroof when the time comes?”

“Just this vision of yours, you still have the nerve to criticize others for not cherishing senior Sofia, I think senior Sofia is very wise.”

“To be honest, I originally thought that senior Hedges was only inferior to senior Sofia in terms of music, but now it seems that in terms of being a person and doing things and also in terms of vision, senior Hedges is also inferior to senior Sofia.”

In the twelve groups, Hedges was furious when he saw all these comments that he was inferior to Sofia.

But it was true that he had been hasty in this matter, thinking only to poach Eunice and anger Sofia, and had not investigated exactly what had happened.

In the end, for the sake of the band’s reputation, he had to swallow his anger and instructed the band to delete all the welcome messages they had posted some time ago.

The netizens soon noticed his actions and were instantly mocking.

“Do you think you can erase what you’ve done by deleting them?”

“It’s useless to delete them, I took screenshots and these will be your black spots for the rest of your lives.”

Seeing these comments, Hedges was so angry that she vomited blood, but there was nothing she could do but to look away and stop paying attention.

As the story broke on the internet, Walter’s stock fell dramatically and the company was now on edge because of the lack of a leader.

Sofia’s band was shocked to learn of the revelations on the internet.

Marjorie and the others quickly calmed down.

“That’s like father and daughter.”

Having been colleagues for almost twenty years, they naturally knew Eunice and Walter, so they didn’t doubt the online reports at all.

Sofia also had mixed feelings when she saw the reports.

“Can’t figure out why Eunice came to this end.”

With a sigh, she continued with the task at hand.

It wasn’t that she was cold-blooded, she had been the first to advise Eunice when she first found out that she had done something like that.

But the man was bent on doing what he wanted to do and was obsessed with it, and now that the evidence was clear, he should be held accountable for his actions.

Feng Shenye also received news of the police booking and was satisfied.


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