Always Been Yours Chapter 1045

Since he had done something wrong, he should be punished as he deserved.

After thinking about it, he called Xu Yan and instructed, “Go and tell that operation master the news, so he doesn’t have to worry about his family.”

Xu Yan nodded his head and turned to go to the police station.

Because this stage master was an accessory to the crime, he still needed to be locked up even if he voluntarily cooperated with the investigation.

However, after learning the reason for Xu Yan’s visit, he did not care that he still needed to stay in prison.

As long as his wife and children were fine, jail time was fine, and it wasn’t very long anyway.

After Eunice’s father and daughter were jailed, things were considered to be over for good.

Wen Shiyu resumed her training routine.

On this day, she had just finished training when Sofia approached her.


“Grandma Teacher.”

She and Xiao Bao’er greeted politely.

Sofia nodded with a smile, then took an interest in the two’s training before getting down to business, “How many more songs are you short of recording?”

“Two more songs.”

Wen Shiyu answered truthfully.

Although she had been recording tunes these days, the progress was not fast.

When Sofia learned about it, she didn’t say anything, and only said about the arrangements behind, “I plan to hold a special performance for you once your album is recorded.”

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised, but more than that, she was happy.

“Please, teacher.”

“A special performance, when the time comes, it will be even busier than now, can your body point to bear it?”

Looking at the girl’s happy face, Sofia was still a little worried in her heart.

After all, Wen Shiyu’s stomach was not too small now in months.

Wen Shiyu also understood her teacher’s worries and lightly stroked her belly as she said with a firm gaze, “Teacher, don’t worry, I will regulate my time well and won’t tire myself out.”

Although the words were said, Sofia was still very cautious considering her physical condition.

For the next month, Wen Shiyu was busy recording tunes.

Not only was Simon demanding of her to record, but even she was demanding of herself.

Finally, after a month, all the tunes were recorded perfectly.

That night, Wen Shiyu came out of the recording room with her violin in hand, with a tired face but a long breath.

“Finally it’s all recorded, I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

As much as she loves this career, she gets tired of staying in there almost every day these days.

Simon looked at her like this and smiled dotingly, “A contribution, a reward, these tunes are perfect from my point of view, they should be able to cause a great response once they are released when the time comes, I’d like to congratulate you in advance here.”

Hearing these words, Wen Shiyu’s eyes lit up.

“Then I’ll accept your kind words, but there’s still credit to you and your teacher in this, I wouldn’t dare to do it all by myself.”

Seeing such a modest girl, the fondness in Simon’s eyes grew even more, “You, you’re just so modest.”

“I’m not being modest, I’m telling the truth.”

Wen Shiyu retorted, wrinkling her nose.

And this naive look of hers made Simon look even more loving.

While the two were joking, Feng Shenye called.

“Has the recording finished?”

“It’s over, I’m packing my things, I’ll be back in a while.”

Wen Shiyu held the phone and happily shared her side of the situation.

Feng Shenye listened quietly on the other end of the phone and waited until she finished before he spoke out gently, “Don’t go back yet, I’ve booked a private room here, invite the two teachers and your senior brother and sister over later to celebrate for you.”

“Okay, then I’ll go talk now.”

Wen Shiyu hung up the phone happily.

Seeing this, Simon teased, “Smiling so happily, is your husband coming over to pick you up later?”

“Teacher guessed wrong this time oh, guess again.”

Wen Shiyu winked playfully at Simon.

Simon raised his eyebrows and thought of a few answers, but unfortunately none of them were correct.

“I’m not going to guess, you love to say no.”

Looking at the arrogant little old man, Wen Shiyu laughed, but still told the truth, “It’s my husband who is treating me to celebrate the successful recording of the tune, teacher, go and pack up, we’ll be over there in a while.”

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