Always Been Yours Chapter 1059

“If I said I won’t go, I won’t go, why are you asking so many times?”

He glared at Feng Shenjin with dissatisfaction, and finally did not forget to threaten, “Also, if you dare to secretly tell your brother, be careful I’ll break your legs!”


Feng Shenjin was speechless, and again felt that such a grandfather was arrogant.

Seeing that Feng Shenjin did not say anything, the old man shot another glance over and scolded, “Did you hear what I said.”


Feng Shenjin was taken aback and responded instinctively.

On the other hand, in Hathaway’s orchestra.

Mona finished her training and was ready to go to the Saintland Theatre to watch Wen Shiyu’s special performance.

But before she left, she went to Hathaway’s office.


She knocked on the door and walked in.

Hathaway saw her and asked suspiciously, “What can I do for you?”

“Today is Tokiyo’s special performance and she asked me to give this to you, hoping you would come and see it.”

As she spoke, she handed over the invitation letter belonging to Hathaway.

This was what Wen Shiyu had explained to Mona before that she must hand it to Hathaway.

Hathaway looked at the invitation handed to her with complicated eyes, but hesitated to take it.

She naturally knew that today was Wen Shiyu’s first solo concert, just ……

As if seeing through Hathaway’s mind, Mona persuaded, “Just go, chief, Shiyu really wants you to be there.”

Hathaway was silent.

At that moment, a clear voice came from the doorway.

“Looks like I’ve come at the right time.”

Only Bae Seok-hee was seen walking into the office in a straight black suit.

Mona and Hathaway were a little surprised to see him.

“Mr. Bae, what brings you here?”

Mona inquired.

Hathaway didn’t say anything but also looked at Bae Se Hee in confusion.

Pei Shixi smiled, “Like you, I was asked to come over as a lobbyist.”

When he finished, he paused, his gentle eyes falling on Hathaway as he began to lobby.

“Senpai, other things aside, Shiyu has been studying with you for most of the year no matter what, she was your most favourable and dedicated student at one time, don’t you want to see with your own eyes, how much she has grown?”

Don’t say that, but Hathaway was moved by this.

She hesitated again and again, and finally agreed at last.

“You’re right, she was once my most devoted pupil, I should go and see.”


Meanwhile, the scene at the Saint-Land Theatre was packed.

Feng Shenye, with his parents and little Bao’er, sat in the very front row of the audience.

During this time there were quite a few familiar musicians who came over to say hello.

These people were all here for Wen Shiyu.

They included Louis, Simon and others.

Pei Xin Yi froze when she saw these famous music bigwigs.

“Shenye, these music celebrities are all acquainted with Miss Wen?”

Feng Shenye nodded and began to introduce his mother, “Almost all of them know each other, they appreciate Shiyu’s talent and often give Shiyu guidance, they are also teachers and friends.”

Little Bao’er was also nodding and agreeing beside her at this time, “They all like Mummy very much, Mummy is very good.”

When Pei Xin Yi saw this, she was a little stunned in her heart.

Just as the group was talking, Hathaway and Mona and the others arrived.

Everyone else was surprised to see Hathaway, including Feng Shenye who was also a little surprised.

However, out of courtesy, he nodded his head as a greeting.

It was little Bao’er who was happy to see Mona, waving her little hand and saying sweetly, “Godmother Mona, you’re here.”

“Yes, did Bao’er miss her godmother?”

Mo Na doted over and naturally took the little one into her arms.

The intimate look of the two of them surprised both Pei Xin Yi and Feng Tian Yi.

After all, they knew what their grandson’s personality was like, and would never let anyone other than his family hold him.

Naturally, Mo Na noticed the two men’s probing gazes and looked over in confusion.

At this moment, as if sensing something, little Bao’er smiled and introduced herself, “Godmother Mona, this is Bao’er’s grandparents.”

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