Always Been Yours Chapter 1060

“So it’s aunts and uncles.”

Mona called politely.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, the crowd took their seats and waited for the recital to begin.

Backstage, Wen Shiyu had also finished getting ready.

At eight o’clock, the recital began.

After the host mobilised the atmosphere, he excitedly announced, “Here is our ‘Heavenly Girl’ Wen Shiyu, Miss Wen.”

With the host’s words, the curtain on the stage slowly rose.

Wen Shiyu was dressed in a silver and white gown and came out with her long hair pulled up high, looking elegant, her exquisite features, with a sweet smile, full of love and tenderness.

The silvery-white stage lights hitting Wen Shiyu added a divine glow to her.

“I’d like to thank you all for coming to enjoy my solo show …… in the midst of your busy schedules.”

She said her opening speech as a flurry of strobe lights flashed below the stage.

As she finished her speech, there was a loud applause.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu seemed to be inspired and the smile on the corners of her mouth was brighter and broader, “The first piece I’m going to play for you is my personal composition for my baby and the child in my belly, it’s a very gentle tune that contains my expectations for them, I hope they will grow up happy and prosperous in the future.”

As she spoke, she gently stroked her belly and looked at her little treasure on stage again.

Once again, a burst of applause rang out from the stage.

At this moment, Wen Shiyu’s whole body was covered with the glow of motherly love, shining brightly and radiantly.

Little Bao’er was even more excited, clapping her little hands so hard that she didn’t even feel any pain when her palms were red.

“Grandma, this is the tune Mummy gave me.”

“Daddy, I’m so happy.”

He pulled his side excitedly to show off and was even more surprised.

I never thought that Mummy had written a tune for herself.

He decided that this tune was his newest tune of the night, bar none.

When the others saw him like this, there were smiles of love and affection on their faces.

It was Pei Xin Yi and Feng Tian Yi who were a little surprised.

This was actually composed by himself?

The two old men looked at each other and looked at Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye naturally noticed his parents’ gaze and smiled as he explained, “Since last year, Shiyu has been studying composition with senior Simon, developing in all aspects, and to be honest, putting aside stereotypes, the current Shiyu is not bad at all, and even after tonight, she is so famous that in the future, it may no longer be that she is not good enough for me, but that I am not good enough for her.”

Hearing her son say this, Pei Xin Yi felt very uncomfortable in her heart.

In her opinion, her son was so outstanding, how could he not be good enough for Wen Shiyu.

However, she did not say this out loud.

Feng Tianyi didn’t say anything either, but the thoughts in his heart were the same as his own wife’s.

Little Bao’er didn’t know what was happening over here.

After showing off for a while, he noticed that his grandparents were wandering off, so he hurriedly pulled the two of them and reminded them, “Grandparents, Mummy is about to perform, so you have to listen carefully.”

“Got it.”

The two old men came back to their senses and replied to the little one with a smile.

At this moment on the stage, Wen Shiyu had already set up her violin and started playing.

The melodious sound of the violin tilted out and flowed through the air.

The melody of the song was just as she said, very gentle.

Wen Shiyu poured all her emotions into the performance, and everyone was attracted by the emotions rendered in the sound of the violin, as if they felt the soul in the tune, and unconsciously closed their eyes and listened carefully.

As the melody reached its climax, the sound of the zither seemed to be sublimated, perfect, flexible and pleasing to the ears, like the revival of a new life, its conception and growth, the whole process was full of expectation and happiness, as if people could feel it.

Feng Shenye did not close his eyes and listen like the others.

With a gentle smile on his lips, he looked at Wen Shiyu on the stage without blinking, his eyes full of doting and undisguised love.

Wen Jingchen, who was sitting next to him, was also looking at his sister with burning eyes and immense pride.

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