Always Been Yours Chapter 1073

“Mummy, you are so beautiful tonight.”

As for Feng Shenye, he was automatically ignored.

Because Daddy was bad and forbade him to attend along with Mummy.

He had to grow up quickly so that he could steal Mummy from his bad daddy.

The little one’s mind was not hidden, so the few adults saw through it at a glance and were all amused by him.

When Pei Shixi came, he saw several people laughing happily and laughed, “What are you talking about, laughing so happily?”

“Teacher Pei, you’re here.”

Seeing him, Mo Na and Wen Shiyu greeted each other politely.

Feng Shenye also nodded his head in greeting.

After a few people exchanged pleasantries, there were others who came to congratulate Wen Shiyu.

Both Pei Shixi and Mo Na had the good sense to leave.

Little Bao’er wanted to follow his mummy, but he didn’t want to be distracted from taking care of himself while she was dealing with others, so he also left.

It was Feng Shenye who was very distressed by Wen Shiyu.

When no one else came over, he put his arm around Wen Shiyu and said with concern, “Are you tired? Do you want to rest for a while?”

“I’m not tired yet, I’ll tell you when I’m tired later.”

Wen Shiyu knew that Feng Shenye was worried about himself and shook her head with a smile.

Afterwards, there were media who came over to take pictures of Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye.

And the internet was also reporting the celebration in real time.

Although it was not a live broadcast, the photos posted online were very attractive to netizens.

“My god, this celebration party is too trenchant.”

“This Wen Shiyu is truly enviable and jealous, a double harvest of fame and love.”

“A life as open as a hang, is something I can’t envy.”

The internet was buzzing with discussion.

Susan’s home, however, was a wreck.

Looking at the news for several days in a row, all about Wen Shiyu, she hated it so much.

Nowadays, everyone in this world was touting this b*tch Wen Shiyu, and long ago no one remembered the name Kathleen.

“Wen Shiyu, what qualifies you to get where you are today? What makes you deserve to live a more glamorous life than me!!!”

Her voice was almost squeezed out from between her teeth, gritting her teeth.

Especially when she thought of the fact that she had broken her arm and had to recuperate at home, she was extremely angry.

“If you want to celebrate, you have to see if I agree!”

Dropping these words, Susan turned around and went out.

Soon, she showed up uninvited at Wen Shiyu’s celebration party.

Susan said that she had come to congratulate Wen Shiyu, but in reality, she had come to make her presence felt.

She wanted to show everyone that she was originally part of the band and was supposed to shine, but because of Eunice’s scheming, her hand was broken and now she was even ignored by the band.

It was only when she saw the celebration banquet, which was several times more extravagant than the photos released on the internet, that her eyes turned red with jealousy.

Even that b*tch Wen Shiyu deserved such a celebration party.

Therefore, she decided to spoil the celebration.

But no sooner had she made her move than she ran into an obstacle.

It turned out to be Karen who spotted her and also saw the unkind gaze on her face and walked over with a frown.

“What are you doing here?”

Karen questioned Susan.

For he knew that Susan was not on the invitation list for the celebration party.

How could Susan not hear Karen’s unwelcome, and said with a leathery smile, “I’m here to congratulate Miss Wen.”

She said, “I’m here to congratulate Miss Wen.” After saying that, she stopped paying attention to Karen and lifted her steps towards Wen Shiyu, who was talking and laughing in the crowd, and was incomparably gorgeous.

The closer she got, the more she heard the compliments of the others around her about Wen Shiyu, and the cynicism in her heart was about to overwhelm her.

At this time, Wen Shiyu also noticed an unintentional sight and subconsciously turned her head, not realising that she would collide with Susan’s dark and sullen eyes.

“What are you doing here?”

Wen Shiyu questioned with a frown.

The others cast inquisitive glances at Susan.

Susan didn’t care about the stares cast around her, and said with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, “Of course I came to congratulate you on purpose.”

“That’s very kind of you, but I don’t think I need you to congratulate me.”

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