Always Been Yours Chapter 1074

Wen Shiyu looked at Susan indifferently, the implication being that she wasn’t far off this congratulations.

Susan’s face instantly turned a little ugly.

The media at the scene noticed that something was not right, and they all stared at Susan with glowing eyes, hoping that this woman would make a scene.

In fact, Susan did not disappoint them and laughed sarcastically at the moment.

“Do you think I want to come to your celebration party? In fact, I don’t even want to come, but I can’t help it if I don’t, I can’t hold back this anger after all.”

She said, raising her still hanging arm, “In the end, you are still partly responsible for this hand of mine, I can’t understand how you have the face to hold a celebration party here after ruining my future?”

At these words, the crowd around the room erupted.

“What’s going on here?”

“Eh, this person is not the principal violinist who fell off the stage at the Sixth Regiment’s premiere.”

Some people recognised Susan’s identity, but more than that, they were puzzled.

“She broke her hand, shouldn’t she have gone to Eunice to be responsible, why is she coming to Miss Wen.”

“Could there be a hidden agenda here?”

Hearing the crowd’s doubts, Susan coldly snorted, “There is a hidden agenda. When Eunice had the stage damaged, it was actually Wen Shiyu who wanted to be set up, and it was me who was unlucky enough to be implicated because I took over her performance.”

Looking at Susan who deliberately led the crowd into misunderstanding, Wen Shiyu instantly gasped and laughed.

“Since Miss Su wants to claim justice for herself, is it interesting to hide your head and misinterpret the truth like this?”

She paused and her voice turned cold, “Besides, if you hadn’t set me up in the first place, how would you have been mistakenly set up yourself?

Su Shan was so angry that her body trembled.

But before she could get angry, Wen Shiyu expelled her guest unceremoniously, “You are not welcome here, please leave immediately!”

Naturally, Susan was not going to leave easily.

She had come here with the intention of spoiling Wen Shiyu’s celebration party.

“Although I acted wrongly, the fact that my hand is broken is indisputable, so you must give me an explanation.”

Looking at Susan, who was playing the bumper sticker, Wen Shiyu was also furious.

Karen was also furious beside her.

More so, he regretted recruiting this woman into the regiment in the first place.

At that moment, he stood out from the crowd and said sternly, “Even if your hand is broken, it is still a matter for our Sixth Regiment and has nothing to do with Little Sister, so don’t be a nuisance here!”

“That’s fine, since the headmaster wants to give this woman a head start, then please take care of this matter now and give me an explanation.”

Susan sneered as she confronted Karen.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu wanted to say something.

Only before she could say anything, she was stopped by Karen, “This matter was originally a matter for our Sixth Regiment, junior sister should just watch from the side, no need to interfere.”

With those words, Kellen looked at Susan with cold eyes and directly spoke out the decision he had made in his mind a long time ago.

“Since you have to ask for an explanation now, then I am now officially informing you that, in view of your wrong-heartedness, on behalf of the Sixth Regiment, I will officially terminate your contract with you, from now on you will not be a musician of my Sophia Orchestra, as for the matter of your broken hand, the police have found out clearly that it was Eunice alone who did it, but our Sophia Orchestra is also willing to give you a certain amount of compensation, but that’s all. ”

Susan darkened her face at that moment, dissatisfied, thinking that Karen was dismissing her with money.

And she was this rich?

But before she could get angry, Karen spoke up before her, “Don’t be defiant here again, if you had done the right thing yourself, you wouldn’t be in this state, don’t think I don’t know what’s in your mind, and now you want to make trouble, do you think the media will listen to you just because you’ve casually provoked them?”

These words were a complete blocking of what Susan still wanted to say.

And as a result, her pretty face was grim and frightening.

Karen saw it and didn’t care, and expelled it at once: “Today is Little Sister’s party, I don’t want to make a scene, so you hurry up and leave now!”

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