Always Been Yours Chapter 1079

Seeing that Wen Jingchen had just come down from upstairs, and knowing that he had only just woken up, he urged, “There’s breakfast warming up for you in the kitchen, so go and have breakfast.”

Only Wen Jingchen was not in a hurry to go and eat breakfast.

Although the fact that his sister was better now had put his mind at ease.

However, the way his sister was lying in bed yesterday still made him a little shocked.

Especially now that his sister was two people, there was no room for a single mistake.

So at that moment he couldn’t help but lecture, “Sister, I support you in chasing your dreams, but you can’t afford not to take your body seriously, not to mention the fact that you have my future little niece in your belly.”

Looking at her brother who had a serious face, Wen Shiyu also admitted her mistake with a weak heart.

But Wen Jingchen simply wouldn’t eat her words.

After all, how could he, as a younger brother, not know what kind of nature his sister had, so he reprimanded her a few more times.

“In short, in the future you are not allowed to do this again, or I, I ……”

I half a day, Wen Jingchen can not think of a good punishment.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu hurriedly sold her good behavior and pampered herself, “I know, in the future I will be measured and will not tire myself again, again, your brother-in-law has already said me, so you should stop saying that.”

She didn’t know that it was fine if she didn’t mention Feng Shenye, but this time Wen Jingchen had even more to say.

“You ah, just rely on brother-in-law’s unconditional favor, yesterday you were sick, brother-in-law was so worried that he didn’t leave a single step to guard you and didn’t care about anything.”

Feng Shenye’s kindness to his sister was all apparent to Wen Jingchen, who advised, “You shouldn’t let my brother-in-law worry so much in the future.”

Although he said so, in his heart he was actually more heartbroken for his own sister.

He knew the reason for his sister to work so hard, so he couldn’t help but recite it again.

“I know you want to prove yourself, but it also depends on the situation, and I said I have everything, big deal, I will support you in the future, so you should stop working so hard in the future.”

Wen Shiyu’s ears were getting calloused from hearing this, what else could she do but compromise.

Later in the evening, after having breakfast, Wen Jingchen also went out.

Since she had to rest at home, Wen Shiyu became the only idle person in the house.

With nothing else to do, she asked Mona to come over for tea.

Mo Na happened to be free, so she was invited over.

When she saw that there was only Wen Shiyu in the living room, she couldn’t help but ask, “Where’s Bao’er?”

“Bao’er is upstairs in cla*s.”

Wen Shiyu responded with a smile.

Mona nodded and also remembered that Bao’er usually had other cla*ses apart from music training.

At that moment, she said nothing more and accompanied Wen Shiyu to the garden.

The two of them sat in the garden, drinking juice and eating snacks, it was simply not too pleasant.

During the small talk, Mona talked about Hathaway’s recent situation, “Recently the troupe is planning to re-elect a group for the position of chief violinist.”

“Why, isn’t Cindy she doing quite well as Principal of the Regiment?”

Wen Shiyu looked over in amazement.

Mona gave a light hum and said with contempt, “What’s so good about her? Recently, an orchestra came to poach her and her future is promising, now her mind is no longer in the orchestra.”

When Wen Shiyu heard this, she frowned, “This woman, why is she still so over-ambitious?”

Although she hadn’t had much contact with Cindy before, just a few times was enough to give her a general idea of the person’s habits.

Mona did understand the meaning of Wen Shiyu’s words, shook her head and laughed, “This person was still very much down-to-earth, but since she became the chief of the group, her whole person has drifted away, can she not be overly ambitious?”

“Then won’t Miss Hathaway have a headache now?”

Wen Shiyu actually didn’t care about how Cindy was doing, she was more concerned about Hathaway.

She had been secretly paying attention to Hathaway’s band ever since the last time she learned that they had fallen from the top band.

She knew that after the Kathleen incident, Hathaway’s band had been badly damaged, and now that they had managed to revive themselves, if another chief was gone, the hearts of the people would not be scattered again.

Mona didn’t know what was going on in Wen Shiyu’s mind.

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