Always Been Yours Chapter 1080

She had a complicated look on her face as she thought about the orchestra’s situation today.

“The headmaster isn’t just having a headache right now, and a lot of people in the orchestra are now secretly laughing at the headmaster, saying that the headmaster was short-sighted and let you go, and that it was obviously Kathleen’s own doing that caused the orchestra to start going downhill in the first place.”

When the words came out, she couldn’t help but pause, then said in exasperation, “This is the only time these people know how to horsesh*t, when the Headmaster was about to let you go, these people were gloating so much that they were close to setting off firecrackers.”

Wen Shiyu also felt that these people were really over the top, but could not say anything.

Instead, it was Mona who scolded all those snobs in the regiment.

At this, Wen Shiyu couldn’t help but cry and laugh.

“Alright, have a drink of water and rest.”

Looking at her friend whose mouth was all but dry, she handed over a gla*s of juice.

Mo Na was indeed a bit thirsty, and it didn’t take long for her to drink up the gla*s of juice.

Wen Shiyu also changed the subject, “What is Miss Hathaway going to do about the current situation of the band?”

“Right now there are quite a few people in the orchestra who are on edge, worried that the orchestra will be downgraded again, or shut down, so the headmaster is planning to hold an audition to pacify the others.”

Mona didn’t hold back and told Wen Shiyu all these things.

She knew that although Wen Shiyu had left the orchestra, she was actually still holding on to it in her heart.

Hearing this, the worry in Wen Shiyu’s heart was finally put down a little.

As a result, at this time, Mona gave her another piece of heavy news.

“Although a new chief will be selected, but I heard the other members of the group talking about it, I’m afraid that Cindy will take some people with her this time when she leaves, and these people are the majority of the elite of the group.”


Wen Shiyu was stunned.

Mona explained, “Because the one who poached Cindy this time is an old rival of our orchestra, so this tactic, especially very, promised a lot of benefits to Cindy.”

Saying that she gave Wen Shiyu a you-know-what look.

Wen Shiyu naturally understood and frowned at once.

Obviously the other party was planning to pull the rug out from under them, trying to make Miss Hathaway sink completely into silence.

It had to be said that this move was indeed vicious.

“Does Teacher Hathaway know about this?”

Wen Shiyu looked at Mona with great concern.

If they really let Cindy take away the elite members, then the troupe would be considered half ruined.

Mona naturally saw Wen Shiyu’s worry and persuaded, “The headmaster naturally knows, but this matter has nothing to do with you, so don’t worry about it and nurse your baby well.”

“But ……”

Wen Shiyu was still a bit uneasy.

Mo Na then persuaded, “Don’t but, you have to trust the headmaster, with the headmaster’s ability, it won’t collapse just like that.”

Wen Shiyu thought about it and also felt that it made sense.

If Miss Hathaway had made it to where she was today, what great storms had she not seen, surely she would not be devastated by this.

At that moment, she nodded and talked about the rest.

Later in the evening, Mona and Wen Shiyu’s family had dinner before leaving.

After washing up briefly, Wen Shiyu snuggled up in Feng Shenye’s arms and chatted.

She didn’t mention the topic of her afternoon chat with Mona, but talked about another matter.

“I don’t even have to go to the orchestra during this period of time, I thought of taking this time to spend some quality time with you and Bao’er, and it just so happens that the weekend is coming up, so I thought we’d find a place and go on a holiday trip together as a family.”

After she finished her words, she looked up at Feng Shenye, seeking his opinion.

Feng Shenye naturally read the meaning in her eyes and said with a light smile, “I didn’t expect us to think of the same thing as a couple, it just so happens that I want to take you to a place.”

In fact, in the past two days, Feng Shenye was also thinking about this matter.

Wen Shiyu was surprised for a moment, followed by unstoppable sweetness.

“Honey, you’re so nice .”

She explored her body and took the initiative to drop a kiss on Feng Shenye’s face, and couldn’t help but be curious, “Where are you planning to take us on holiday, mother and son?”

“This …… is something you will know when the time comes.”

Feng Shenye responded in a mysterious manner.

Wen Shiyu froze, then knew that he was trying to give himself a surprise, and at that moment did not pursue the matter any further.


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