Always Been Yours Chapter 1090

“Is the negative of this photo still there?”

Feng Shenye asked Qu Shan, pointing at the photo.

He planned to use this photo as a screensaver for his phone in the future.

It was little Bao’er who saw this photo and ate it up, instantly tugging at Wen Shiyu’s hand and pouting, “Mommy, when are we going to take pictures, I want to take pictures with my sister too, like daddy.”

The first thing you can do is to let daddy be close to your sister, otherwise when your sister is born, she won’t even be close to him as a brother.

Wen Shiyu could not think of the little one’s mind, she only thought that the little one was eating again.

She looked up at Qu Shan and asked, “Are you free today? I want to return the child to shoot a set as well.”

“Free, very free.”

Qu Shan nodded in surprise and turned her head to take a closer look at little Bao’er, but the more she looked at her, the happier she became.

The more she looked at him, the happier she became. The child’s features were exquisite and he had inherited his parents’ outstanding appearance.

“Madam Feng, your son is so cute, he looks like a little angel, you are so lucky.”

At that moment, she was all kinds of sincere praise.

Wen Shiyu was very happy to hear these words.

After all, no one would not like to hear someone praise their son.

After a few polite words, Qu Shan started taking pictures.

Since Little Bao’er also had to take a picture with his sister, he also took a picture of him and Feng Shenye kissing.

After that there were also images of Wen Shiyu bending down and smiling with him, and also of the two holding hands.

Although the style of today’s photo shoot was different from yesterday’s fashion shoot, it was full of motherly love and childlike innocence, which inspired Qu Shan.

During the shoot, Qu Shan was so excited that she even asked Wen Jingchen and Feng Shenye to enter the picture.

“This is just perfect!”

Qu Shan exclaimed, looking lovingly at the photos in the camera.

In the photo, Feng Shenye and Wen Jingchen were like guardian knights standing left and right beside Wen Shiyu.

The two men’s upright stance and their different styles of aura were more handsome than the top international male models.

As for little Bao’er, he was standing in front of the three, smiling extraordinarily happily.

And this was a small family portrait of sorts.

Wen Shiyu looked at the beautiful and warm photos and felt that there was really nothing more happy than this moment when she was surrounded by people she loved and people who were dear to her.

In the blink of an eye, the morning had pa*sed.

Wen Shiyu was also a little tired.

This time, without waiting for Feng Shenye to stop her, Qu Shan had the good sense to offer to leave.

“I’ll start developing these photos this afternoon, wait until tomorrow when we’ll still pick them up at the same place as before, and settle them together with yesterday’s then.”

“Okay, I’ll trouble you then.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head in agreement.

After seeing Qu Shan off, the family went to have lunch nearby.

They wandered around again in the afternoon and didn’t go back until they had dinner.

When they returned home, since little Bao’er had dozed off, Wen Shiyu took him upstairs to wash up and rest.

Wen Jingchen and Feng Shenye were still in good spirits, sitting in the living room and chatting about company matters.

Later in the evening, when Wen Shiyu put little Bao’er to bed and came downstairs, she saw the two men talking and laughing in the living room, in perfect harmony.

It was Wen Jingchen who had sharp eyes and spotted her at once, “Sister when did you come down, has Bao’er gone to bed?”


Wen Shiyu nodded, thinking that she had also been discovered, she simply walked straight over and sat beside Feng Shenye, “What were you guys talking about just now?”

“Talking about the new company.”

Wen Jingchen didn’t hide it either.

Only then did Wen Shiyu recall her brother’s earlier comment about opening a branch in Vienna, and immediately became concerned.

“Then how is the search for your new company going, is there a suitable address?”

“The address has been confirmed, now we’re just waiting for the team to come over and we’re ready to start construction.”

“No need for renovation?”

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised after hearing his brother’s words.

Wen Jingchen smiled, “No need, it’s all ready-made offices.”

“In that case, that saves a lot of work.”

Wen Shiyu smiled and nodded, and then said curiously, “Where is that new company of yours, when we get back, I’ll go and visit it too.”

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